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What Color Cancels Out Blue? | 5 Products to Use

If you’ve been sporting some blue hair lately and are ready for a change, you may wonder what color cancels out the blue. Blue can be tough to cancel out as its calm tone radiates under whatever color you dye over it.

If you are going from blue to something warmer, keep reading to find out what color cancels out the blue. We’ll show you some basic color theory and the 5 best products to use to cancel out your blue tones.

What Colors Cancel Out Blue in Hair?

If you want to know a color that cancels blue, look no further than a color wheel. If you want to like to cancel blue, you will need a color that is the exact opposite, which is orange in this case. 

Blue can be tough to get rid of without redying your hair thoroughly. It may be that you didn’t get the shade of blue you were hoping for, or you’re finished with blue hair.

For your reason, canceling out blue is a great way to strip the blue from your hair while keeping the rest of your hair generally the same as before. 

For example, if you have blue over bleached hair, canceling the blue will make your hair appear more white. Canceling out of the blue will give you a neutral place to continue your hair adventures. 

Color Theory 101

Image showing the color chart with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on it for a piece on what color cancels out blue


You may be familiar with a color wheel from your primary school days or if you’ve ever taken art classes. If you haven’t come across one, it is a circle with all the possible visible colors arranged inside of it.

At the very center of the circle is white, with the colors getting progressively darker the further from the center they get. When you look at a color wheel, you will see that blue is directly across from orange.

Orange-based products will be your best bet for stripping out the blue. Next, take note of your hair’s exact shade of blue and adjust the orange you use accordingly.

We’ll cover a few examples here. 

  • If you have a light or pastel blue, opt for a light or pastel orange. 
  • If you have blue-green hair, look for something reddish orange, as red cancels out green. 
  • If your blue is a little more violet, look for an orange with more yellow tones. 

And of course, if you are working with a true vibrant blue, go for a true orange. 

5 Products That Cancel Out Blue Tones

Hair dye and other products to help answer what color cancels out blue


There are a few different options for canceling blue hair. The product you use will depend on the results you are looking for, from a gentle stripping to a total transformation. 

Remember that if you are trying to cancel out blue, you will need to look for a product that is either orange or has orange undertones. 

1. Color Depositing Shampoo

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Color Depositing Shampoo is a type of shampoo that has a small amount of hair dye worked into the formula. In most cases, color depositing shampoo is used to make colored hair last longer and remain vibrant. 

It works by depositing color on top of the hair shaft. Unfortunately, the color does not saturate the hair, so it will wash out after a few washes if you stop using the product. 

To use color depositing shampoo, simply work the shampoo through damp hair until fully coated. Let the shampoo sit in your hair for ten minutes, and then rinse.

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2. Color Depositing Conditioner

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If the shampoo just wasn’t enough, or you want a gentler option, then using a color depositing conditioner is a great option. Like the shampoo, it works by depositing color on top of the hair shaft. Like the shampoo, it will wash out if you stop using it.

You can either use a color depositing conditioner on its own, or you can use it after a color depositing shampoo for double the effect. When using the conditioner, apply it after rinsing out the shampoo.

Thoroughly coat your hair with conditioner and let it sit for up to 20 minutes. As with the shampoo, the longer you let it sit, the more color is deposited in your hair. After letting it sit, you can rinse it like normal. 

3. Toner

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If you need something more substantial than color depositing shampoo and conditioner but don’t want to dye it fully, hair toner is a great option. Pick out a toner that is either orange or copper to cancel the blue. 

To use a toner, you will need the toner itself and the developer. You will need to mix the toner in a bowl before applying it to your hair. We recommend one part toner to a two parts developer. 

After the toner is mixed, apply it to the blue sections of your hair and let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing and washing with shampoo and conditioner. For this, be sure to set a timer so that the toner isn’t left on for too long, as it can turn your hair orange. 

4. Hair Dye

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If you don’t want even a hint of blue and enjoy a total transformation, then hair dye is the way to go. To thoroughly neutralize blue, you’ll need a dye with orange or copper tones. Even red tones may do the trick. 

To dye your own hair, mix the dye and developer in a bowl in equal parts.

Using a brush, apply the de to your hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, but no more than 40. Afterward, you can rinse your hair. Your dye kit may come with an after-treatment as well. If it does, use it after you rinse. 

5. Bleach Bath

If you’re just looking to strip the color from your hair without adding anything, then a little bleach bat may do the trick. Do note that bleach can be very damaging as we do not recommend bleaching your own hair as a beginner. 

A bleach bath is a diluted bleach formula that is mixed with shampoo to make a gentle lifting solution. Mix equal parts bleach powder with a developer and twice the amount of shampoo.

Mix this combination and apply it to your hair. Leave the solution on for a maximum of 20 minutes. Any longer, and you’ll risk frying your hair.

While the bleach is working, you will want to keep checking your hair frequently to see how the blue is lifting. If it reaches a place you like, rinse it immediately to stop the bleaching process. Since bleaching is very drying, follow with conditioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with blue and red hair and fair skin in a studio


Below are the most frequently asked questions about canceling out blue hair. 

What Color Cancels Dark Blue?

A deep burnt orange will cancel a dark blue.

Is Blue Hard to Get Out of Hair?

Blue is one of the hardest colors to get out of hair. The only other hard color to get out is red.

How Long Does It Take Blue Hair to Fade?

Blue is one of those colors that fade extremely fast without regular upkeep. Most users find that blue will be mostly faded in about two months.

What Color Does Blue Fade to?

This can depend on the shade of blue used, but in most cases, blue hair will fade to teal green.

So, What Color Cancels Out Blue?

If you’re looking to cancel out your blue hair, then look for a product that uses orange. This can be a color depositing product, toner, or even hair dye. Use any of these products and you’ll be less blue in no time. Happy coloring!