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Shaglet Haircut | About the Trend & Trendy Examples

Y’all knew this would happen eventually: The 70’s shag and 80’s mullet came together to create a new haircut that features the best of both worlds.

Meet the shaglet, a trendy and wild ‘do that’s popping up everywhere. Your head could be next once you see some examples of this eye-catching, free-flowing style! 

What Is a Shaglet?

What Is a Shaglet explainer image on a tan background

The shaglet haircut, sometimes called a shullet, is a blend of shag and mullet cuts. Like the shag, it features tons of choppy layers around the face that progressively lengthen toward the ends.

Like the mullet, it’s short in the front and longer in the back. With a shaglet haircut, you’re getting the best of both these vintage styles in a softer, modernized form.

It’s very similar to a wolf cut, though it does feature some difference in length from the front to the back, and many use these terms interchangeably. 

To properly rock a shaglet, you want lots of root volume, texture (straight and piece-y, wavy, curly, or coily), and heavy layering. These 3 features are absolutely key for a shaglet and when you check out the examples next, you’ll see why. 

Shaglet vs. Shag and Mullet

Not quite understanding the difference between a shaglet, shag, and mullet? Let’s put it this way. Shaglets are a little less yeehaw than a mullet and a little less disco than a full shag.

It’s really a happy medium haircut that will suit most face shapes and hair types from pin-straight to coily. Both shaglets and shags feature short layers that begin high up near the roots and continue all the way down to the ends.

But only shaglets feature an overall length that is longer in the back than it is in the front (like the mullet). Both shaglets and mullets feature hair that is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

But only shaglets feature the short, shaggy layers throughout (even in the back) and bangs around the face that create lots of volume up top and in the front. 

And unlike the mullet, which looks like a short haircut when viewed straight-on, a shaglet shows the length in back thanks to all the layers in front. 

With the layers and volume of a shag and the length differences of a mullet, the trendy shaglet is anything but dated. It’s choppy, heavily layered, and textured to create visual interest and an eye-catching style you’ll love to wear. 

10 Edgy Shaglet Examples Trending in 2024

Seeing examples of the shaglet hairstyle is the only way to get a real sense of how carefree and fun this look can be. We found 10 examples of the shaglet cut in all its tousled, layered glory to inspire your next chop! 

Take a look at these examples to find out if rocking a shaglet should be on your beauty to-do list. 

1. Blonde Disconnected Farrah Shaglet

Blonde Disconnected Farrah Shaglet

Poppy Fix/Shutterstock

We’re getting some Farrah Fawcett vibes from this blonde shaglet! Lots of layering gives it a windblown look that’s never too neat. Layered curtain bangs start around the brow level and continue down to the cheekbones for some nice face framing. 

The longer back is disconnected from the shaggy front, making this equal parts mullet and shag. Leave the length in the back less layered to really accentuate the length difference from the front to the back! 

2. Ultra-Textured Wavy Shaglet

Ultra-Textured Wavy Shaglet

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Make waves with an ultra-textured shaglet that just hits the shoulders for a wild and feisty look. The layers are intense with this cut, with short layers beginning around the temples and continuing all the way down to the longest length in the back.

Bottleneck bangs open up on the forehead to keep the style from being overly dense or helmet-like. We really like how the layers in this cut complement a wavy texture for a carefree, wild look! 

3. Ombre Midi Shaglet

Ombre Midi Shaglet


Midi lengths look great with the shaglet haircut because they create more room for layering to really set off the style. Here, wispy fringe across the forehead quickly drops off into longer layers that frame the face and give way to the longest length in the back. 

This low-maintenance shaglet is easy to style and if your hair has the slightest bit of texture, you can get away with air drying for a tousled and undone look.

4. Feminine + Sleek Side-Swept Shaglet

Feminine + Sleek Side-Swept Shaglet


Shaglets don’t mean you have to take on a full hipster or rocker persona – they can be really feminine and soft with the right texture and styling!

This cut features well-blended layers that give it a sleek and soft appearance, even though the layering is heavy. Longer lengths from the sides sweep across the forehead with a deep side part to create a wind-swept look we love.

A daily blowout with a round brush will be required to get this particular look, but you can always wear it with your natural texture for a quick and easy style. 

5. Copper Shoulder-Length Shaglet

Copper Shoulder-Length Shaglet

Hank Shiffman/Shutterstock

Super-choppy and layered throughout, this copper shaglet is a great option if you’re not super keen on the mullet aspect of the shaglet. Keep the longer length in back and have your stylist do stairstep layers around the face to give it the edge factor. 

Full but piece-y bangs instead of swooping 70’s curtain bangs give this look more of a rocker vibe than a hipster vibe. We love how this shoulder-skimming shaglet frames and highlights her jawline and cheekbones! 

6. Deconstructed Shaglet

Deconstructed Shaglet on a woman getting her hair cut

Ariusz Nawrocki/Shutterstock

With 2 types of haircuts blended into one, it’s cool to see shaglet examples where the dividing line is a little more clear. Here, the edgy blunt bangs continue in an unbroken line around to the sides with no blending. This is such a unique way to rock a shaglet!  

The shorter bangs in the front are completely separate from the longer hair in the back, which is heavily layered toward the ends. It’s a choppy style that requires quite a bit of styling to look its best, so keep that in mind. 

7. Heavy Wavy Shaglet

Heavy Wavy Shaglet on a woman in a white floral shirt


If your hair is thick and wavy or curly, let the density and texture do all the work for you! This breezy shaglet is heavily layered to create lots of wave definition and texture throughout.

With lots of short layers on top to create volume and a dense bang across the forehead, it’s an eye-catching look for ladies with lots of hair. 

The heavy bangs graze the eyebrows and gradually lengthen to the longer hair around the back and sides. Switch up the look by parting the bangs to the side or creating a center part. 

8. Midi Wavy Shaglet

Midi Wavy Shaglet worn by a pretty dark-skinned woman in a black leather jacket – Yuri A/Shutterstock

Rebels and rockstars alike will appreciate this low-maintenance take on the trendy shaglet. It’s heavily layered, so you can wear it with your natural texture for a truly hands-off style that won’t take half an hour to primp and prepare in the morning! 

We love the longer bangs in this example, which are piece-y and skim across the nose and cheekbones. Open the bangs up to create a more traditional curtain bang look with this style, or let them hang to leave a little mystery. 

9. Tousled He-Shaglet

Tousled He-Shaglet on a guy standing with his friends at night – Yuri A/Shutterstock

We’ve looked at several shaglet examples for women, but what about the guys? Shaglets can be rocked by anyone, and that’s part of what we love about this wild and free hairstyle. 

This version is heavy in the front with lots of short layers to create that tousled bed-head look.

Around the sides and back where it’s longer, the layers get longer to create some balance. This shaglet will work for anyone who wants a no-fuss style that’s built to look messy!

10. Schoolhouse Messy Shaglet

Girl with a Schoolhouse Messy Shaglet getting ice cream

Allison Peltzman/Shutterstock

Remember when we told you shaglets can work for anyone? That includes the wee ones, too. If you’re sick of fighting over hairstyles everyday with your kid, a layered shaglet like this is made for the tousled, messy look and won’t require too much fuss. 

Add some layers around the bangs to blend them into the longer back and sides a bit. To make it the easiest to style, avoid layering the top and back too much – especially if your girl has curly hair. 

Things to Consider

Before you head to the salon with inspiration photos to show your stylist, there are a few things you should know about the shaglet.

From maintenance and styling to the overall look, here’s what you should consider before you take a trip to shaglet land:

  • It can be a chore to style. If you don’t have natural texture to bulk up and shape this style, a shaglet can be a real chore to style everyday. A style with this many layers can air dry a bit wonky if you’re not using products or heat to shape and tame your mane. Add styling the prominent bangs that are a staple in this style and the necessary volume at the roots, and you’re looking at a solid 30 minutes + to style in the AM if your natural texture and volume aren’t enough for this look. 
  • You’ll need a few products and tools. To make your shaglet look salon-perfect each day, you’ll need to put in a little effort and have the right arsenal of hair products and tools. Make sure you’ve got a good volumizing spray for your roots, an anti-frizz serum to smooth flyaways with all those layers, and a wave- or curl-setting gel to tame your texture. Find our top recommendations for these products here
  • Styling options are a bit limited. When you have a haircut like this that’s cut specifically into a shape, your styling options can be a bit limited. The short bangs and heavy layers make it difficult to wear any kind of updo, with half-up styles being the exception. Low ponytails and buns go out the window, and many braided styles will fail to hold properly due to the heavy layering. Think about your style options in advance – if you’re not keen on wearing your hair down daily, this may not be the look for you. 
  • Customize your shaglet to be flattering. While the examples above will help you get inspiration and ideas for your cut, ask your stylist to make a few tweaks to make your shaglet more flattering for your face shape. Round faces should opt for more volume on top with lots of short layers around the crown, square faces need wispy layers around the jawline for softness, and heart faces want heavy chin-grazing layers to fake a more rounded chin. Oval faces can do it all, so choose the version you like best if you’re #teamoval. Find more tips for making your shaglet flatter your face shape here
  • The grow-out process isn’t easy. Think ahead – will future you still want a shaglet, or is it a passing obsession? It’s important to consider because shaglets are notoriously difficult to grow out. With so many layers and different lengths going on in the style, the grow-out process can get pretty thin and shaggy at the ends and may require you to go shorter to get rid of the thinnest layered sections at the ends. 
  • Does a shaglet match your style? Shaglets can fit with a lot of different looks and style aesthetics, but will it be a good fit for yours? Shaglets go well with hipster, boho, and edgy looks but may seem out of place with clean-cut or classic styles. Consider your wardrobe and what you typically wear before you get a shaglet. 

Is the Shaglet Hairstyle Right for You?

Shaglets are a fun mix of the shag and mullet haircuts with a completely modern and softer twist. If you’re up for trying something new with your hair and are in need of a quick refresh, this cute and edgy cut could be exactly the inspiration you need! 

Make sure you consider the difficulties and challenges of getting a shaglet – daily styling using a few different products and tools, managing lots of layers and bangs, ensuring it fits and flatters your face shape, and how you’ll handle the grow-out process. 

If you’ve already got a great stylist you trust, bookmark this article and bring the photos to show them to get the perfect shaglet style for you! This wild and carefree style could be exactly the upbeat change your mane’s been craving.