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The Most Detailed Meridian Trimmer Review of 2024

Looking for a detailed Meridian Trimmer review? You’ve landed on the right page. We’re hair experts, so you can bet that we’ve put this beauty through its paces. And spoiler alert: it’s SO worth buying. No questions asked.

The Trimmer by Meridian is getting a lot of attention for painless grooming below the belt, but is it the best option out there? We say yes. Without question.

Best Overall
The Trimmer by Meridian | Electric Body Trimmer

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  • Safe for the most sensitive areas
  • Waterproof to trim wet or dry
  • Small, ergonomic size is comfortable to use
  • Free goodies when you order on Meridian website
  • Amazing user reviews
  • Relatively costly blade-replacements
  • No light for shaving in the dark
Get the Lowest Price Possible
We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

In our detailed Meridian Trimmer review, we’ll cover every feature, analyze the pros and cons, examine pricing and reviews, and compare it with the top competitors. Read on to learn more.

Our Honest Meridian Trimmer Review

Have you noticed all the manscaping and intimate grooming products hitting the market lately?

The Meridian trimmer is one of the most well-known (and the subject of our complete review here), but tons of companies have been releasing their own down-under trimmers and shavers as of late.

It’s really no surprise that more and more of these types of products are popping up because people are paying more attention to their health, cleanliness, and appearance down under. 

More men and women than ever are regularly trimming, shaving, and shaping their pubic hair than ever before. About 50% of men report grooming below deck and a full 80% of women say they are engaging in regular intimate grooming. 

We’re all about well-kempt private parts, but there’s one issue with the increased number of people grooming their naughty bits. Most of them (47.5%) are using razors to do the deed.

Why Quality Matters

Unfortunately, razors are also the grooming tool most likely to injure you – they cause about 83% of all pubic injuries during grooming. It’s clear that there’s a need for quality, hygienic grooming tools and products that help us safely and gently remove hair “down there.”

Most of us aren’t keen on taking an emergency trip to the hospital in the name of a well-maintained or hairless pubic region. 

The Trimmer by Meridian is one of the most talked-about products designed for safe and gentle intimate grooming, so it’s the topic of our review today. Could it be the solution to nix nicks and curb cuts while trimming or shaving your pubes? 

We’ve analyzed this trimmer from top to bottom, offering our honest take on how effective, useful, and affordable it is.

We’ll share real customer reviews, cover the pros and cons, and take a look at all the features it has to offer in a quest to determine if the Meridian trimmer is worth your time and money. 

What Is the Meridian Trimmer?

Meridian Trimmer Review with units on grass


The Trimmer by Meridian is a handheld electric trimmer designed to trim and shave body hair. It’s marketed mainly to men, but women’s reviews of this trimmer are popping up everywhere online, too.

We’d consider it a unisex trimmer. The Meridian trimmer comes in 2 colors (black and sage green) and offers a range of useful features for trimming body and pubic hair.

While it’s just as handy as a general body hair trimmer, we found that most people are using this unit for below-the-deck grooming. Here’s a quick overview of the features you’ll find in The Trimmer by Meridian:

  • Skin-safe, flexible ceramic blades for fewer nicks, cuts, tugs, and scratches
  • Waterproof for convenient in-shower use
  • Low vibration mode for gentler trimming and comfort
  • 2 adjustable guide combs to trim to different lengths
  • 2-in-1: Use as a trimmer or shaver
  • Choose from 2 available colors: Black and sage green
  • Comes with a standard 1-year warranty  

We’ll dive deep into these features, the pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, and more in our full and detailed Meridian trimmer review. Keep reading to learn all about The Trimmer. 

Meridian Trimmer Features

Meridian Grooming The Trimmer Review and Features


The Trimmer by Meridian Grooming comes with a range of features that sound really useful for both general body hair trimming and intimate grooming around your most sensitive parts. Here’s a closer look at each of the features The Trimmer offers. 

Gentle Skin-Safe Ceramic Blades

Above, we noted a scary statistic about intimate grooming injuries – about 83% are caused by razors that nick and cut the skin around the pubic area.

Meridian Grooming seeks to change that with The Trimmer. It uses skin-safe, flexible ceramic blades to reduce the chances you’ll accidentally slice yourself in a quest to trim up below deck.

Ceramic blades are proven to be gentler on skin than stainless steel blades (commonly found in body and pubic hair trimmers). 

This is because they stay sharper for a longer period than stainless steel, don’t get as hot with friction during use, won’t rust or corrode like steel, and easily plow through coarse and multi-directional hair without tugging, pinching, or pulling.

These are all key features for a trimmer that is designed for your most sensitive spots. 

Completely Waterproof and Shockproof

Many people prefer handling their grooming in the shower – it’s a lot more convenient that way. Meridian’s trimmer is completely waterproof and suitable for use in or out of the shower.

You don’t have to worry about keeping it out of the water and the waterproof specs make it so much easier to clean. Just don’t get it wet while it’s plugged in and charging. 

Even if you plan to do your trimming or shaving out of the shower, The Trimmer’s waterproof certification is pretty handy. It makes cleanup after use simpler with no worry of getting the trimmer wet as you rinse the guide combs and blades. 

And since things can get slippery in the shower, Meridian had the foresight to make their trimmer 100% shockproof. That means it can withstand accidental drops without breaking. 

90 Minute Runtime on a Single Charge

The Meridian trimmer takes about 2 hours to charge fully before the first use, but it will run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. That gives you plenty of time to buzz through your fuzzies 5 or more times (depending on how long each use is) before it’ll need to be charged again. 

The 90 minute runtime is really something to note here because many similar trimmers take a lot longer to charge (up to 12 hours!) and run for as little as 40 minutes on a full charge. 

Once your Meridian trimmer is fully charged up, all 3 LED indicators on the front of the device will light up to alert you. When you see the 3 dots lit up, you’ll know it’s ready for use.

Low Vibration Mode

The Trimmer boasts a powerful 6,000 RPM motor – it’s the “secret” to how the device easily plows through the coarsest hair on your body. But if you’re a first-time user, or just want a gentler grooming session, you can turn on the low vibration mode to reduce the power and take it slow.

Many users report that the low vibration mode is particularly handy for trimming and shaving the most sensitive zones – around the balls for men or close to the inner labia for women.

In any case, it’s nice that this feature is here if you need a lower setting to take your time on hard-to-reach or ultra-sensitive areas.

Includes 2 Adjustable Guide Combs

People are using The Trimmer for a range of reasons – some to trim, some to shave, and some use it for both. You can do trims at different lengths with the 2 included adjustable guide combs. Pop the guide comb attachment of your choice on to trim hair as short or long as you want. 

You get a 3-6mm guide comb for the shortest trims and a 9-12mm guide comb for longer trims. Each guide comb can be adjusted to customize the length setting. 

For example, with the 3-6mm comb, you can achieve a trim as short as 3mm on the lowest setting, 4-5mm on the middle setting, and 6mm on the longest setting. If you want to leave the hair longer, use the 9-12mm comb instead. 

Even if you’re considering The Trimmer as a tool to shave, not trim, your nether regions, the guide combs still come into play. If you’re starting with longer hair down there, you’ll need to trim it to an evenly short length before shaving to get the smoothest, closest shave. 

Use to Trim or Shave

One feature that seems to make The Trimmer a popular choice for men and women is the 2-in-1 design. You get all the benefits of a dedicated trimmer with the option to use it as a shaver, too. 

Use it as a trimmer by attaching one of the 2 included adjustable guide combs. These combs help lift and separate hair as you move the trimmer over the area without the blades making direct contact with the skin.

Use it as a shaver by removing the adjustable guide comb and using the ceramic skin-safe blades directly on your skin. It’s not as scary as it sounds because Meridian designed their flexible blades to resist nicking and cutting skin. 

But can these skin-safe blades actually deliver a close shave? Apparently, yes. Users report getting some of the closest shaves of their life with The Trimmer. You can read more about customer reviews later in the guide! 

Comes in 2 Colors

The Trimmer by Meridian Grooming has a sleek, modern design that will look right at home on even the most upscale bathroom counter. Users like that they can choose between 2 color options: Black and sage green. 

Since this is really a unisex unit, we like that Meridian chose 2 colors that can be a good fit for men and women. We found that women seem to prefer the sage green color over black, but men are pretty evenly split and like both colors. 

Includes Standard 1-Year Warranty

When you purchase the Meridian trimmer, a 1-year standard warranty is included. This warranty covers any type of manufacturer defects discovered with your unit within the first year.

Note that it doesn’t cover loss, theft, or deliberate or accidental damage that you’re responsible for. It only covers defects that might have occurred during manufacturing. 

For increased protection, Meridian customers can purchase the Extended Protection for 1 year ($8) or 3 years ($12).

The Extended Protection plan covers faulty products, breakdowns, and accidental damage. Meridian will send you a new trimmer (or the cost of a replacement) at no cost if you spring for this extra protection, even if your standard 1-year warranty has ended. 

Meridian Trimmer Pros and Cons

Best Overall
The Trimmer by Meridian | Electric Body Trimmer

Use promo code HAIRCUT15 for 15% off your order. Discount only available on the Meridian website.

  • Safe for the most sensitive areas
  • Waterproof to trim wet or dry
  • Small, ergonomic size is comfortable to use
  • Free goodies when you order on Meridian website
  • Amazing user reviews
  • Relatively costly blade-replacements
  • No light for shaving in the dark
Get the Lowest Price Possible
We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

Every product has its pros and cons, and the Meridian trimmer is no exception. We take an honest look at the pros and cons to see where The Trimmer shines and where it falls short. 


  • Waterproof, shockproof design: Trim or shave in the privacy and serenity of your shower without the dangers associated with shaving your nether regions in the shower. And since things can get slippery in there, it’s nice that the Meridian trimmer is totally shockproof for accidental drops.  
  • Gentle for sensitive areas: The skin-safe ceramic blades make this trimmer ideal for use in those sensitive areas down under that you want to treat a little more gently. Turn on the low vibration mode for an ultra-gentle, comfortable trim or shave. 
  • Neat trims and close shaves: Opt for a short-and-neat look by using either of the 2 included guide combs or go bare and smooth with the skin-safe ceramic blades instead. While some trimmers leave prickly stubble behind, the Meridian trimmer will leave you slippery-smooth (if that’s what you’re going for). 
  • Long-lasting battery life: The Meridian trimmer will run for 90 minutes on a single charge, which beats out most competitors and has the best battery life we’ve seen in an electric trimmer. 
  • Versatile uses: This is the most versatile trimmer we’ve seen. Both men and women can use this trimmer to shave or buzz hair to a short length. It can be used anywhere you need to remove or trim hair from head to toe (just make sure to disinfect in between). Choose the color you want (black or sage green) and decide whether to use it in or out of the shower to make grooming more convenient. 
  • Easy returns and refunds: Meridian offers a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with The Trimmer, so there’s no risk if you want to try it out to see how you like it. You just need to submit your refund and return request within 30 days of receiving your trimmer.  
  • Included 1-year warranty: You get a 1-year included standard warranty when you purchase The Trimmer by Meridian. In contrast, the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0, one of The Trimmer’s biggest competitors, only comes with a 90-day warranty. Meridian offers the best included warranty out of all the trimmers we’ve reviewed.

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  • Large trimmer head size: This is a body hair trimmer that can be used to remove hair from different areas, but the relatively large trimmer head size can limit where you can use it. Trimming your groin, chest, back, legs, arms, feet, and neck is no problem, but the trimmer head is too big to use on your ears, nose, eyebrows, or other small, hard-to-reach areas. 
  • No built-in LED light: If you want built-in illumination, it’s one feature that the Meridian trimmer doesn’t have. It’s not a deal-breaker for most users, who typically shave and trim in well-lit areas anyway, but we do wish this unit had a little extra light to shed on the situation for added protection and security when you’re shaving around sensitive spots. 
  • Only comes in 2 colors: Meridian trimmers are unisex and we’re kind of glad they didn’t create a hot pink version in an effort to appeal to more women like most other grooming companies. But if you were hoping to choose one in your favorite color, you’ll find that Meridian only makes 2 color options for The Trimmer: Black and sage green. If you like these colors, it’s a pro. If you were hoping for a different color, it’s definitely a con. 
  • Higher price point: Meridian’s trimmer is not cheap by any means, but it’s also not priced in the high-end range. You’ll find that it costs more than low-end trimmers (as do the blade replacements), but that’s to be expected with the enhanced ceramic blade material, luxe design, and quality construction. 

So far, it looks like the pros far outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at the pricing info for the Meridian trimmer to see how much it costs and whether or not it’s worth it. 

Meridian Trimmer Pricing

The Trimmer by Meridian is priced in the mid-range – it’s more expensive than low-end trimmers, but costs a lot less than the most expensive units. You can purchase The Trimmer a la carte on the Meridian website or through a variety of third-party online retailers.

The base price for the trimmer is $69.99 on the Meridian website and on Amazon. This price includes the following:

  • The Trimmer
  • 2 adjustable guide combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • 1-year standard warranty


If you purchase directly from the Meridian website, you have the option to add-on an Extended Protection Plan to make your included warranty more robust.

When you add the Extended Protection Plan, you’ll pay $8 for 1 year of extended protection or $12 for 3 years of extended protection. We’ve reviewed the Extended Protection Plan and think it’s a must for anyone purchasing The Trimmer.

You get a wider range of coverage – even accidental breaks and malfunctions that are your fault – and they’ll replace the unit for free if it happens within your extended coverage period. 

Skip Amazon for this one and buy your trimmer directly from Meridian so you can get this additional coverage.

You’ll only spend a couple dollars more to get the 3-year Extended Protection Plan for the most coverage. Replacement blades for the Meridian trimmer, which should be swapped out every 3-6 months, cost $18 to $20 on the Meridian website.

It’s an ongoing expense, but if you want to avoid a bloody mess or uncomfortable tugging and pulling due to blade dullness, it’s a necessary one.

Meridian Trimmer Promo Code

One more thing to love about the Meridian Trimmer is that it’s always 15% off with our promo code. In an exclusive deal with our site, Meridian gave us a 15% off coupon code for our readers to use on their site.

Yes, that’s right. As of this moment, that’s the best discount code available on the Meridian Trimmer. If you’re on the fence about buying, this is a little sweetner to make it much more attractive than the competition.

So do yourself a favor and claim our discount by clicking the link below. Your body (and your partner) will thank you.

Use promo code HAIRCUT15 on the Meridian website to get 15% off your order (valid on the “one time purchase” option). Claim your discount now.

Comparing Similar Trimmer Prices

The Trimmer by Meridian’s base price is $69.99, but how does that compare with similar trimmers on the market? Let’s look at some of the most popular competitor’s prices. 

  • Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0 ($89.99): The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 is similar to The Trimmer by Meridian and offers some of the same features (like the 90 minute runtime and gentle ceramic blades) but it costs $20 more at a base price of $89.99. It won’t deliver as close a shave as the Meridian trimmer because it has recessed ceramic blades, but it does come with a built-in light and 2 additional guide combs. Is that worth an extra $20? We don’t think so and users seem to agree. 
  • Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 ($69.99): The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 trimmer lacks many of the features you’ll find on The Trimmer by Meridian, but it does offer a dedicated end for trimming and one for shaving. It only works for 80 minutes on a full charge, while the Meridian trimmer runs for 90 minutes. It’s not fully waterproof like the Meridian unit but it can handle splashes as long as it’s not submerged. For the same price, you can get a better-quality unit from Meridian with an included warranty and more features. 

Overall, the Meridian trimmer emerges with the best value and features among similar trimmers on the market. At a base price of $69.99, it’s not exactly cheap but it’s definitely affordable.

Meridian Trimmer Customer Reviews

Meridian Trimmer User Reviews


The overall user rating for the Meridian Trimmer is an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5. A full 95% of customers said they would recommend this product to others.

This is a comparatively high rating among electric trimmers and the best overall review rating we’ve seen in trimmers and intimate groomers. 

The Manscaped Lawn Mower gets 4.4 stars by comparison, while the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 gets a slightly better rating than the Lawn Mower with an average of 4.5 stars. 

What makes the average user review so much higher for Meridian trimmers? Let’s take a look at some of the most informative and useful reviews to find out.

We’re using only verified buyer reviews from people who have actually purchased and used The Trimmer to offer their honest thoughts on this product. 

“Amazing product. Light weight. Easy to use. Strong motor. No nicks or cuts in the most sensitive areas.” -5 stars from Andrew B., verified buyer

“Great for women. I have always dreaded shaving. Meridian makes shaving my legs and everywhere else much easier.” -5 stars from Arianna W., verified buyer

“Finally I can have a proper landscaping of my manhood. Seriously, the product works great. I can trim my intimate parts with less fear (there is always fear, isn’t there) of nipping myself. My wife also uses it and she is happy. Enjoy the trim!” -5 stars from Adrian B., verified buyer

“Tik tok made me buy it! I’ve recently decided that I don’t want to use razors to remove body hair. It causes so many problems and I have been looking for an alternative. I came across this groomer on TikTok and gave it a try. So far it’s pretty good at getting a closely shaven look on my arms and upper body/ back. As somebody with darker body hair and sensitive skin I would recommend giving it a try!” -5 stars from Kenee T., verified buyer

“Great as reviewed by others. Haven’t had a knick yet, I love the green color option. Biggest complaint is just there’s no handy light which I fixed by just ordering a seperate light…overall happy with the product!” -4 stars from Zoe T., verified buyer

“Works wonders. This is the best trimmer I’ve ever used, a clean shave down there with no ingrowns which is really the reason I bought. I am definitely satisfied with my purchase!” -5 stars from Jaiyah K., verified buyer

“By far, by far, by far the best electric razor I’ve ever bought. Period.” -5 stars from Brad A., verified buyer

With a 4.7 average star rating and tons of reviews online for this trimmer, it’s clear that negative reviews are far and few between. An overwhelming majority of users rate this trimmer with 5 stars and 95% say they’d recommend it to others. 

Some of the most common topics addressed in user reviews include: 

  • Painless, gentle grooming with no nicks or cuts
  • Faster way to trim and shave pubic hair
  • Lightweight trimmer for easy use
  • No ingrown hairs or razor burn
  • Great for men and women

Some of the few negative reviews we found mentioned the lack of an LED light. This isn’t a deal-breaker for most users, but if you’re set on finding a trimmer with a built-in light, the Meridian trimmer doesn’t currently offer one. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Did you ever think you’d do so much research on a trimmer? Getting clear, accurate info on a device you’ll use in sensitive areas below deck is essential. You don’t want to use junk to shave your junk!

We’ve covered just about everything you need to know about the Meridian trimmer in this detailed review. We started off by talking about the different features that come with it then weighed the pros and cons to give you an unbiased look at what this trimmer has to offer and where it’s lacking.

We covered pricing information and different ways to get discounts on The Trimmer by Meridian, compared it to similar trimmers, and shared some helpful customer reviews. Now it’s time to finish up with a few things to think about before you buy this product. 

  • How often will you use it? Do you trim or shave on a regular basis or once in a blue moon for a special occasion? If keeping things neat down under is a regular thing for you, you’ll probably find that the Meridian trimmer is more than worth the price. For less regular trim-ups and grooming sessions, you may consider a trimmer with less robust features in exchange for a lower cost.  
  • Swap your blades every 3-6 months. Meridian recommends changing the blades every 3 months, but experts indicate you may be able to replace your blades half as often without issues – every 6 months – because they’re made of durable, sharp ceramic. 
  • Get the Extended Protection Plan. If you’re anything like us, you probably scoff at optional plans that offer additional warranty coverage and think you’ll never need it. But Meridian offers such affordable 1- and 3-year Extended Protection Plans that you’d be crazy not to add one onto your purchase! They’ll replace a faulty unit for free or reimburse you the full cost if the unit is no longer manufactured. 
  • If using in the shower or “wet shaving,” use shaving cream. This trimmer can be used wet or dry, but if you’re using it with any water (even if you’re shaving out of the shower), you need to use a little shaving cream or soap to create a protective lather. There’s no need for shaving cream if you’re shaving dry! 
  • Don’t share blades between groin and other areas. It’s tempting to use the Meridian trimmer to trim and shave all areas of your body because it’s so gentle and convenient. But to avoid cross-contaminating other areas of your body with groin bacteria, you’ll need to get an additional blade and reserve it for down-there usage only or commit to thoroughly sanitizing and disinfecting your blade after each and every use. 

Do the Meridian Trimmer Reviews Make It Worth Buying?

We feel confident in saying The Trimmer by Meridian is the best trimmer available for both men and women. It’s powerful, affordable, won’t nick or cut you, waterproof, and backed by a 1-year warranty. In short, it ticks all the boxes and gets our seal of approval.

Best Overall
The Trimmer by Meridian | Electric Body Trimmer

Use promo code HAIRCUT15 for 15% off your order. Discount only available on the Meridian website.

  • Safe for the most sensitive areas
  • Waterproof to trim wet or dry
  • Small, ergonomic size is comfortable to use
  • Free goodies when you order on Meridian website
  • Amazing user reviews
  • Relatively costly blade-replacements
  • No light for shaving in the dark
Get the Lowest Price Possible
We may earn a commission when you click this link, at no extra cost to you.

Whether you’re planning to use it to keep your chest and back hairless, maintain smooth legs and arms, trim up your pubes, or go completely smooth and bare down there, you’ll find that this small and ergonomic trimmer can handle all types of hair with ease. 

From short, coarse hair that grows in different directions to longer, fine hair on your arms and legs, this handy device makes it easy to keep everything spic and span. And it fits so nicely in the palm of your hand! 

Take advantage of our exclusive discount and try the Meridian trimmer at a steep discount. We hope our Meridian trimmer review answers all of your questions and helps you choose the best trimmer – down there and everywhere – for your needs!

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