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15 Easy Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women in 2024

Low maintenance haircuts for women are the “set it and forget it” slow cooker recipes of the hair world. Make mornings easier and enjoy less upkeep when you try any of these easy-breezy haircuts! 

What Are Low Maintenance Haircuts?

  • Low maintenance cuts are easier to style and need fewer trims
  • Shaped and layered cuts for built-in shape with less hands-on styling
  • Long layers, bangs, and tousled styles are great options

If you’re dreaming of a cute new haircut that won’t have you running to the salon every 3-4 weeks for a trim, you need to focus your search on low maintenance haircuts. 

Low maintenance haircuts for women include any style of cut that grows out beautifully with fewer trims needed to keep it in shape and looking great. 

Since there’s quite a bit of variation in low maintenance haircuts for women, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from depending on the overall vibe and style you want to create. 

Opt for relaxed and loose styles, choppy textured cuts, or smooth styles with lots of body in lengths from pixie-short to long and luxe.  

Another benefit of choosing low maintenance cuts is that most are easy to style with built-in shape that strategic layers, choppy ends, and/or bangs provide. 

We like subtle sliced layers, bold, choppy layers, invisible layers in the interior of the hair, and layers concentrated at the ends for a softer shape that doesn’t need trims as often. 

To flatter your face and create a style that perfectly suits you, consider adding textured long bangs, a soft side or French bang, or choppy straight-across fringe. 

Low maintenance cuts might be just the hands-off style switch-up your mane needs to shine.

Keep reading to see 15 of our favorite low maintenance haircuts for women and tips on quick styling, maintaining a cut you love, and more. 

15 Best Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women

The best low maintenance haircuts for women don’t fit into one tidy category. You’ll find flattering cuts that need less upkeep in all lengths and options with and without features like layers and bangs. 

Take a look at the top options for hands-off styling and fewer trims below! 

1. Lob With Short, Choppy Layers

Blonde woman with hidden face looks to the side to show one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women, a lob with short layers

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Barely grazing the shoulders with shaggy, short layers near the ends, this thick and textured lob is a saving grace in the mornings. It’s super easy to style with any hair texture – straight, wavy, or curly. 

Razored ends create choppy layers that gently curve, creating a nice shape for this simple cut. Best of all, you can go 2-3 months between trims! 

2. Blunt Bob With Bottleneck Bangs

Close-up portrait of brunette woman with chin-length bob and bangs, an example of the top low maintenance haircuts for women

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Blunt ends can require additional maintenance if you want to keep them perfectly precise, but the blunt ends will soften up nicely and give the cut a more relaxed look after a month or two of growth.

Soft and wispy bottleneck bangs balance out the bluntness of this chin-length bob cut. With length that hits just above the brows in the center, you’ll be able to go 1-2 months in between trims. 

3. Curly Shag With Bangs

Woman with red lipstick smiles and bites her finger in front of a pink wall with a curly low maintenance shag haircut

Lyubov Levitskaya/Shutterstock

Curly texture really helps a lot when you’re looking for low maintenance haircuts for women that don’t show new growth as easily. The bends and curves of your strands will help disguise the need for a trim! 

This shoulder-length shag features sloped bangs and layers that begin around the temple. The results? Lightweight curls that aren’t weighed down and only need a trim every 2-3 months. 

4. Choppy Layered Bob

Smiling brunette woman in a blue sweater stands in front of a blue wall with one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women, a choppy bob

ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

Love big, bouncy hair with lots of body? You should consider a short, layered bob like this to keep things low maintenance. Long side bangs and choppy layers help shape the cut. 

Styling can be super-simple, especially if your hair has a little natural wave or curl in it. You might find that a quick bang touch-up is all you really need to do in the mornings! 

5. Long With Curtain Bangs and Layered Ends

Woman lies on the beach looking away with her long blonde hair styled with bangs and layers to show one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women


Long hair can be super low maintenance with the right layers. Shaggy, choppy layering at the ends is key to let strands grow out slowly without visibly changing the shape of the cut. 

Here, textured curtain bangs create a nice shape to frame the face while tight layering at the ends removes a little weight so the hair has a relaxed, softened look. 

6. Messy Pixie With Long Bangs

Blonde woman looks down with closed eyes wearing a striped top and messy pixie cut with curls

Klever LeveL/Shutterstock

Short haircuts can be great low maintenance options, though regular trims are a must to keep a pixie from morphing into a longer bixie (pixie/bob) cut. 

Go for extra length on top that won’t show new growth as quickly, leaving the bangs long with tapered length down the back and sides. You can go 1-2 months between trims with this cute, low-upkeep cut. 

7. Wavy Long Bob With Subtle Layers

Brunette woman looks over her shoulder with a layered lob, one of the most popular low maintenance haircuts for women

Martin Lauge Villadsen/Shutterstock

Lobs, or long bobs, are one of the holy grails of low maintenance haircuts for women. With their in-between length (not quite short or long), they are great choices if you want to get by with fewer trims. 

Soft and subtle layers are the key to shaping this cut and removing a little excess weight in the ends. Slide-cut layers carve out the bulk and make this cut really easy to style. 

8. Long With Wispy Ends and Bangs

Asian woman smiles looking away with a white shirt and long layered hair with bangs, listed as one of our favorite low maintenance hairstyles for women


Keep your length but make it lower maintenance by working in some shaggy texture through the ends with a razor and slide-cutting soft, long bangs. 

Long bangs won’t need as many trims as shorter styles, while the razored ends help blend out new growth so you can wait 3-5 months in between trims. 

9. Blunt Shoulder-Length Lob

Brunette woman wearing an orange sweater smiles in front of a green wall with a long bob, representing the best low maintenance haircuts for women

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Keep it simple and stylish with a basic lob that hits the shoulders. Interior or ghost layers removes some volume and bulk from the middle and ends for a sleeker, easier-to-style shape. 

Rock this low maintenance cut with your natural hair texture for the easiest option or use a flat iron to quickly tuck the ends under for an everyday look. 

10. Graduated Layers and Curtain Bangs

Woman in black outfit shows off blonde hair with graduated layers and curtain bangs as one of the top low maintenance haircuts for women in front of a black background


Graduated layers progressively get longer toward the ends, blending together in a smooth stair step fashion. Curtain bangs with feathery layers for texture perfectly frame the face. 

While graduated layers and curtain bangs won’t look as perfect after 3+ months of growing your hair out, they can easily last 1-3 months and keep their general shape. 

11. Layered Shaggy Bob

Portrait of brown haired woman in a white sweater wearing a layered curly bob as one of the top low maintenance haircuts for women

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Lots of layers is one way to help hide new growth and help a cut last longer between trims. We love how this chin-length shaggy bob enhances natural curls and waves! 

Start your layers short for the most curl-boosting power, point-cutting the ends to soften them up and help blend out any new growth. 

12. Long With Graduated Layers

Woman smiles with eyes closed as her long hair with graduated layers drapes over her shoulders to show one of the top low maintenance haircuts for women

Nina Buday/Shutterstock

These graduated layers start around the chin and continue through the length of the hair, helping this super-long style better frame the face and form a softer shape. 

Layers in long hair can be the difference between a heavy mass of hair that just hangs in place and strands full of body and movement that fall and flow more naturally. 

13. Shattered Wavy Lob

Blonde woman with a bob looks over her shoulder with a textured curly hairstyle showing one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

“Shattering” a bob means heavily razoring and thinning out the ends to let the style hang a little more freely and lightweight. It’s great for a lob with straight, wavy, or curly texture. 

A deep side part with sea salt spray on natural waves couldn’t be easier to style this sassy look. Thanks to the textured ends, you should be able to go 1-3 months without a trim! 

14. Long With Waterfall Layers

Back of blonde woman's head in a beauty salon shows waterfall layers and curly texture while the stylist tousles the hair


Waterfall layers are graduated in length, progressively getting longer toward the ends and creating a cascade-like “flow” down the length of the hair. 

These layers take a little more effort to style if your hair is naturally straight (blow dryer + round brush is best), but wavy or curly hair makes it much easier. 

15. Razored Asymmetrical Bixie

Woman smiles in front of a pink background with sleeveless top and razored pixie bob, an example of the best low maintenance haircuts for women


This cute blend of a bob and pixie cut can be pretty low maintenance with trims needed about once every 2 months. Collapsing the ends with slide-cut layers keeps it sleek and removes bulk. 

Style it with a side part and fluff out the soft layers throughout the cut to angle them toward your face for a quick and easy style. Or scrunch your hair with sea salt spray for a tousled look!

Things to Consider

Hair stylist carefully combs and cuts a woman's wet hair into one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women


Looking for low maintenance haircuts for women will bring up tons of results, but not every cut you see will genuinely require less maintenance. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you search. 

  • Layers hide new growth best. Whether you prefer soft, subtle layers that remove weight and bulk without changing the look or like shaggy, choppy layers that break up the length, any kind of layering is going to be key to achieving a truly low maintenance haircut. As layers grow out, they continually soften up and help blend out the appearance of new hair growth so you can last longer between trims. Not sure about the layered look? See if layers are right for you!
  • Blunt cuts need more trims. Blunt ends can be low maintenance – if you’re okay with the blunt look softening up as your hair grows out. For tight, precise blunt styles, you’ll need a trim every 1-2 months to keep things neat. Point-cut, slide-cut, or thin out the ends for a lower maintenance look that helps new growth seamlessly blend in. 
  • Learn how to trim your own hair. If it’s tough getting into the salon for a trim every 1-3 months, you can take over your own trims to save some money and keep your hair looking great without going in for trims. Short haircuts, like pixies, bixies, and some bobs can be simple to trim on your own with a good pair of shears or clippers, depending on the length. For layered styles, it’s usually best to go to a professional to keep the general shape intact. 
  • Try a range of hairstyles. As your hair grows out in between trims, it’s really helpful to have a few styles mastered that can help you manage any extra length that doesn’t quite keep to the cut’s original shape. Try pinning back or braiding long bangs, trying low buns and chignons with face-framing pieces pulled out, and claw clip styles that can help you make it through the final days before your next trim. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Back of woman's head as she runs her fingers through her dark brown bob


It’s no surprise that people have a lot of questions about low maintenance haircuts for women – changing your ‘do is a major commitment that you want to ensure is right for you! 

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions below to learn more about finding the perfect style with minimal upkeep. 

What is the most low maintenance haircut?

The most low maintenance haircut is really a tie between super short (think buzzed crops and pixies), textured lobs just above the shoulders, and long styles with slide-cut layers and thinned-out ends.

Any of these haircuts will be able to last longer in between trims with layers, tapered length, or choppy ends that help camouflage new growth and blend it out into a pretty, relaxed style.

What are the easiest haircuts to maintain for women?

Haircuts with layers and textured ends are the easiest to maintain for women. Almost any length can be considered minimal upkeep as long as layers help create a softened shape with lots of movement.

That means shaggy pixies and bobs, textured lobs, and long styles with sliced or ghost layers can all be super-easy for women to maintain with fewer trims and less hands-on styling.

What haircut is easy to style?

It depends on how you typically style your hair. Heat styling and air drying is easiest on short hair (pixies, bixies, and bobs).

However, there are a lot more quick and easy hairstyles for medium to long hair (ponytails, buns, braids, etc.) that might be the easiest in terms of styling.

How can I make my hair look good without styling it?

Having a flattering haircut that suits your hair texture is the key to making your hair look good without styling it.

Slide-cut layers help encourage the hair to gently curve and bend at the ends, which is perfect for creating a blowout-like look in straight or slightly wavy hair. Soft, long bangs can also give your hair a freshly-styled look with natural shape that doesn’t need heat.

What is a good haircut for a 50 year old woman?

Good haircuts for 50 year old women include some trendy-yet-classic low maintenance looks like layered bobs with bangs, longer textured lobs, and tapered pixie cuts with bangs that help frame the face.

Which Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Work Best?

Zeroing in on the haircut that will work best for you gets so much easier when you can visualize the results.

If you’re having trouble picturing how you’ll look with any of these low maintenance haircuts for women, we’ve got just the thing!

Our Virtual Hairstyle Try-On Tool lets you use your webcam for real-time results or upload a photo to see how a range of different low maintenance styles suit you.

Try looks from short to long, layered or not, with or without bangs in any color or texture you want with this free and easy try-on tool.

You can switch out styles and find your favorite look before you commit to the first snip – and for cuts you like but are unsure about, that’s a serious game-changer. 

You can look forward to a more flattering, easy hairstyle that requires less upkeep and looks great for months when you choose any of the cuts shown in this guide. Mornings are about to get so much easier!