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Keeps Reviews | Does It Really Work? | Our No-B.S. Take

Hair loss and thinning is a very real and sensitive topic for men. No wonder online services like Keeps offering doctor-prescribed hair loss medication shipped to your home have exploded in popularity!

Keeps is definitely one of the most popular, but is it the best way to get hair loss meds shipped directly to you?

We take a deep dive into Keeps reviews and what this company is all about to find out. We’re looking at the science behind the meds Keeps offers for men experiencing hair loss with a critical eye.

We’ll also cover their pricing info, pros and cons of using the service, and honest Keeps reviews from real men who subscribe to Keeps’ medication delivery service. 

Looking for a quick answer? If you’re just here to quickly scan the info and find out if Keeps is worth using, take our word for it: It’s truly the best prescription hair loss treatment source for men.

All things considered — pricing with a free initial online consultation, ease of use with no in-person doctor’s visits, excellent customer reviews averaging 4.8 stars, and proven results — Keeps definitely keeps up with our high expectations and stands out as the best service of its kind.

Looking for Keeps Reviews?

For a piece on Keeps reviews, a phone with a bottle of the product sits next to a graphical version of a real user review

Reading reviews from real users is one of the best ways to get a sense of how effective, user friendly, and affordable a service is.

We’ve gathered some of the most helpful Keeps reviews in this guide to analyze how real men are using and getting results from meds prescribed by Keeps’ licensed doctors. 

Before we look into Keeps reviews, let’s zoom out a bit and talk about what Keeps is and the types of services they offer for men. We’ll talk about pros and cons, pricing, and real user reviews next. 

What Is Keeps?

Keeps is an online subscription service for men dealing with thinning hair and/or hair loss. The idea is that you sign up, pick the hair loss meds you want to try, and get a prescription hair loss treatment approved by a doctor and delivered right to your door.  

You can get a prescription for the only 2 FDA-approved medications for hair loss through Keeps: Topical minoxidil 5% foam or solution (generic Rogaine) and oral pill finasteride 1mg (generic Propecia).

Both of these medications are proven to treat male-pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) and increase hair count, reduce hairline recession, and increase scalp coverage

You can also add-on products like prescription-strength 2% ketoconazole shampoo to tackle scalp issues that exacerbate hair loss and thickening shampoo and conditioner to get even better results from your prescribed medication. 

Here’s how Keeps works for a new subscriber. 

  1. Go through a free initial online consultation with a Keeps doctor, choose the medication(s) you’re interested in trying, or let the doctor pick what’s best for you.
  2. A licensed doctor in your state will review and complete your consultation with a prescription to the hair loss medication(s) to meet your needs in less than 24 hours.
  3. Your prescribed medication and any add-on orders are shipped directly to you via USPS at a discounted price. You should receive your meds within 5-7 days of your order. 
  4. You’ll continue to receive your prescribed medication every 3 months until your prescription runs out, which is typically 3 refills later. 

If you’re seeing great results from your hair loss medications, you can have your prescription(s) renewed by your Keeps doctor with an annual consultation fee of $5 after your initial free consultation. 

And if you choose not to renew, you can simply text, call, or live chat with Keeps support to cancel your subscription without being charged again.

Keeps Pros and Cons

The process seems pretty easy, affordable, and convenient – but what’s the fine print, and are there downsides to using Keeps? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this hair loss treatment subscription service. 

Keeps Pros

These are the highlights of using Keeps and what makes it the best option for online hair loss medications shipped directly to you.  

  • Get hair loss meds from licensed doctors without in-person visits. It’s convenient and simple to get hair loss medications that require a prescription without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office. Since Keeps has telehealth doctors licensed in most states, you’ll be able to get your prescription fulfilled without the hassle or embarrassment of an in-person visit. 
  • Effective, FDA-approved medications to treat hair loss. The FDA has only approved 2 medications to treat male-pattern baldness, and Keeps offers prescriptions and subscriptions to both of them (minoxidil and finasteride). No snake oil or unproven hair loss treatments here – just the meds that have been proven with hundreds of scientific studies and clinical trials. You’ll see effective results with better scalp and hairline coverage, filled-in thin and bald areas, and thicker hair overall. 
  • Medications and add-ons shipped to your door. After your Keeps doctor prescribes the medication(s) you need to treat hair loss, you’ll receive them and any clinically proven shampoo/conditioner add-ons you choose directly at your doorstep within 5-7 days. That’s truly convenience at its best.
  • Huge discounts off pharmacy prices. Keeps works directly with drug manufacturers to guarantee the lowest price on your prescribed medication. You’ll pay much less – usually more than 50% less – by ordering through Keeps than you would getting the meds through your PCP and insurance company. You’ll pay anywhere from $20 (minoxidil only) to $70 (minoxidil + finasteride) for a 3-month supply of treatment. 
  • Available to men 18+ in most states. If you’re a man ages 18 or older in the United States, you’re eligible to use Keeps. A few states don’t allow online doctor’s visits, so if you’re in one of these restricted states, you may need to get a prescription from your doctor to access finasteride. Minoxidil is available over the counter, so you can get it through Keeps for a discount in all 50 states. 
  • Subscription model ensures consistent treatment. If you’re the type to be a little forgetful when it comes to doctors visits and renewing prescriptions, Keeps is very helpful. A free initial consultation and payment gets you the hair loss treatments you need for 3-12 months, depending on the subscription you choose. You’ll receive your medication refills in a consistent 90-day shipment every 3 months until it’s time to renew. 
  • No insurance needed. Keeps doesn’t require health insurance for their online doctor’s visits and prescriptions. Their manufacturer-direct prices are so low, you won’t even need insurance to cover your medication. Plus, your initial consultation is completely free. 
  • Cancel anytime if you need to. You can easily cancel your Keeps subscription if you’re not satisfied or decide not to use the treatment anymore. They make it easy for you to text, chat, email, or call to cancel your order at least 24 hours before your next refill date to avoid any additional charges.

Keeps Cons

What’s the fine print that you need to know about Keeps before you sign up? Here’s the nitty gritty on this hair loss treatment subscription service. As hard as we tried to dig up the dirt on Keeps, there’s really not much negative to note. 

  • Not available for women and some restrictions apply. Women can’t use Keeps because the FDA-approved treatments supplied through the site are for male-pattern baldness only. Only men ages 18+ can use Keeps, and while minoxidil (generic Rogaine) can be prescribed and shipped to users in all 50 states, a few states may require an in-person visit for a prescription to finasteride before Keeps can ship it directly to you.
  • Won’t diagnose or treat underlying health issues. This really goes without saying, but if you’re experiencing hair loss that is due to another underlying condition, Keeps’ online doctor’s visits won’t catch it and help you treat the underlying problem. They’re here to make prescription-only and OTC hair loss treatments available to men 18+ in the U.S., not diagnose complex health conditions that may lead to hair loss. 
  • Processed orders can’t be canceled or refunded. Since your Keeps medication is prescribed specifically for you, they can’t accept a return on any prescribed medication that’s already been processed in the system. They can, however, exchange damaged or defective products to ensure you’re only getting the best. You’ll need to cancel before your next refill processes to avoid being charged if you’re not loving the results from your treatment.

Now that you’ve seen the good and the bad with Keeps, let’s take a look at how much you’ll pay to use them for your hair loss treatment.   

Keeps Pricing

What is Keeps pricing like, and how much can you expect to pay for your online doctor’s visit, prescribed hair loss medication, and optional add-ons? We analyzed their most current pricing information to find out. 

Keeps pricing is offered at a significant discount from what you’d pay at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription, even when using insurance. This discounted pricing is possible because Keeps works directly with drug manufacturers to secure the lowest possible prices on the hair loss medications they offer. 

This is why it’s usually more than 50% cheaper to order meds directly from Keeps than it is to pay an office visit copay, have your PCP prescribe the medication, and go pick it up at your pharmacy with insurance. 

Keeps Pricing Plans

When you use Keeps to order hair loss medications and add-ons, you have several easy options. 

  1. Choose your treatments. Pick topical 5% minoxidil solution or foam (generic Rogaine), oral 1mg finasteride pills (generic Propecia), or have both delivered to you. 
  2. Choose your frequency. Pick to have your medications delivered for 3, 6, or 12 months. You’ll receive a 90-day supply every 3 months and get bigger discounts by signing up for the 6- or 12-month plans.
  3. Choose optional add-ons. After selecting your treatment(s) and frequency, you can choose from 4 optional add-ons: Keeps Thickening Pomade, Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, or 2% ketoconazole shampoo. You’ll get a discount on your first add-on order. 
TreatmentForm3-Month Plan6-Month Plan12-Month Plan
Minoxidil 5%Topical Solution2047.293.6
Minoxidil 5%Topical Foam3070.8140.39
Finasteride 1 mgTablet50123234
Minoxidil 5% Solution + Finasteride 1mgTopical Solution + Tablets70170.2327.61
Minoxidil 5% Foam + Finasteride 1mgTopical Foam + Tablets80193.79374.41

These prices include Keeps special promotion: Get 1 month free when you sign up for a 3-month plan. Your initial free consultation is also included with your first order.

Keeps optional add-ons are priced as follows:

  • Keeps Thickening Pomade | $16.67/first order, $25/order afterward
  • Keeps Thickening Shampoo | $14.67/first order, $22/order afterward
  • Keeps Thickening Conditioner | $14.67/first order, $22/order afterward
  • 2% Ketoconazole Shampoo | $20/first order, $30/order afterward

Keeps Price Comparisons

We ran a quick analysis to compare the prices for these hair loss treatment drugs on similar subscription services Hims and BosleyRX. Keeps offers the lowest pricing on all prescription and OTC hair loss treatments across the board. 

Hims offers finasteride and topical minoxidil 5% solution hair loss treatments through their online subscription service. BosleyRX offers finasteride, minoxidil and their own non-prescription shampoo and treatment formulas for hair loss through an online subscription service. 

Here’s how their prices compare with Keeps based on a first-time subscriber with a 3-month plan.

Hair Loss TreatmentKeeps 3-Mo. SupplyBosleyRX 3-Mo. SupplyHims 3-Mo. Supply
Minoxidil 5% Solution + Finasteride 1mg70105--
Finasteride 1mg505078
Minoxidil 5% Solution20--45

Keeps emerges as the winner with the lowest possible price and the most options for hair loss treatments out of the similar subscription services. With Keeps, you can choose from more treatments (minoxidil foam or solution, finasteride tablets, or a combination of both) than Hims and BosleyRX. 

You’re also getting the lowest possible price when you order through Keeps. The only comparable pricing we found was BosleyRX’s price for a 3-month supply of finasteride tablets, but their price quickly jumps up after the initial 3-month period ends. 

Keeps Reviews from Real Users

Keeps 5 star customer reviews

The best way to see how well Keeps is working for men is to look at reviews from verified customers. We’ve curated a few of the most helpful Keeps reviews from real, verified users that used one or more of the hair loss treatments. 

Overall, Keeps has more than 4,800 customer reviews and an average review rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. This is a phenomenal rating for a company providing hair loss treatments, which tend to draw lots of negative reviews. 

Since Keeps only sells FDA-approved hair loss medication and treatments, the reviews are noticeably positive across the board and full of excited customers who are seeing great results. Here’s a look at some of the reviews users found the most helpful. 

“I am a man again! 4 MONTHS IN AND MY BALD SPOTS ARE GONE! Thank you so much Keeps for saving my dating life.” -5 stars from Michael, verified Keeps customer 

“A year ago my hair was thinning and receding. You could see my scalp through my hair. I was hesitant and a little unbelieving of hair products that claimed to keep or regrow some hair. I had heard from others that most do not work and if they do your hair looks fake. I have to tell you I started noticing results pretty quickly with keeps. I can literally look back on photos month-to-month and see the difference. Keeps has definitely improved my hair, my look, and my confidence. I would highly recommend you give it a try.” -5 stars from Richard, verified Keeps customer

“I’ve been using Keeps for close to a year and I’ve seen significant improvement in my hairline and thickness. Definitely Recommend!!!” -5 stars from Jonathan, verified Keeps customer

“It’s been about 9-10 months of use and I’m finally starting to get noticed for how my hair looks like it’s starting to appear thicker. I can’t wait to see what another year looks like for me!” -4 stars from Kevin, verified Keeps customer

“Being in my late 20s and already having the hairline and thinness up top really hit the ego so after seeing countless advertisements for Keeps and taking advantage of one of the many many promotions Keeps offers I decided to give it a try. Within the first 6 months I noticed a fuller scalp and within 9 months I noticed an improving hairline, now in 4 months my hairline has improved close to 1/2 inch! I couldn’t be any happier with this product and also the team at Keeps. Great products great team and very affordable! Works so good two coworkers have started on it and also my barber!” -5 stars from Paul, verified Keeps customer

“Helps a lot. If you start early, you won’t have to go bald. Keep a routine just like Keeps!” 5 stars from Muhammed, verified Keeps customer

“I tried Keeps for months, using both the medication and the foam spray. After several weeks, I started to notice little baby hair growing where there previously was none. This continued for a couple more months, and filled in areas a little. It’s still limited, as you won’t get it all back, but it makes a real visible difference. I would recommend this; especially for anyone just starting to notice hair thinning or recession.” -4 stars from Sean, verified Keeps customer

“With auto-refill and shipping, it could not be any easier to receive and take my medication daily and not have to worry about missing doses and losing any progress or maintenance.” -5 stars from Luke, verified Keeps customer

Things to Consider Before Buying

Keep – see what we did there? – these things in mind if you’re thinking about getting hair loss medications and treatments from Keeps. 

  • How long will you be using the medication or treatment? Keeps allows you to choose from 3, 6, or 12-month plans that extend the life of your subscription. Choosing a longer plan ensures you won’t run out of your meds during treatment, and consistency is key with hair loss medication. The best results start to become visible around the 4-6 month mark. Choose a 6- or 12-month plan to get the best results with no gaps in treatment and bigger savings. 
  • Be consistent for the best results. Minoxidil and finasteride are both intended for daily use in line with your doctor’s prescription. Don’t skip days or try to double up in an effort to get results faster – just be consistent and take your tablet (finasteride) or use your topical solution or foam (minoxidil) as directed every day. 
  • Track your results with photos and data. It’s a good idea to go into any hair loss treatment with a plan to track everything closely as you go. This will help you better see and track your results along the way. When you start, take photos of your head and any bald or thinning areas close-up and further away. Take new photos every month to compare and see how your treatment is working. Note anytime you accidentally miss a dose or forget to use your topical solution as well. 
  • Read real user reviews. Keeps reviews are a wonderful source for anyone with doubts or questions about how the process works. We included some of the most helpful reviews above, but you’ll appreciate being able to read through the thousands of reviews on the Keeps website from real, verified customers like you. You’ll find tons of positive experiences with Keeps hair loss treatments as well as reviews on their customer service, shipping and delivery, and more. Check them out here.
  • You’ll need to provide your driver’s license. When you sign up for a consultation with Keeps to get a prescription, they’ll need to verify that you are, well, you. You can upload your driver’s license or another government-issued ID to prove your identity, then proceed with the consultation to get your treatment approved by a doctor. 
  • Keeps doctors are available if you have questions. You’re not alone when you use Keeps for hair loss treatment and their licensed doctors are only a chat or phone call away. Live chat with a doctor to get your questions answered or set up a phone call for more in-depth information. 

Do Keeps Reviews Show It’s Worth Getting?

We’ve looked at Keeps from all angles – what they do and how it works, pros and cons, pricing, and comparisons with similar hair loss subscription services. So, what’s the final word – is it worth it, or should you look elsewhere?

There’s no doubt: It’s definitely worth it to try Keeps.

With the lowest pricing in the industry (cheaper than Hims and BosleyRX), conveniently shipped medication with no in-person doctor’s visit required, and both proven-effective, FDA-approved hair loss medications available through their service, we found Keeps to be a great value and choice for men dealing with hair loss. 

Since Keeps offers a free month of treatment for new customers, a free initial consultation, and and easy-to-cancel subscription model that ships you 3 months of medication at a time, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. 

We shared a sample of some of the Keeps reviews marked most helpful by users above. You’ll notice that most reviewers started seeing the best results starting around the 4-month mark, which lines up perfectly with the clinical studies on finasteride and minoxidil and how long they take to show visible results. 

This indicates that these reviews are honest and trustworthy, showing the types of results you can expect when using Keeps hair loss treatments. That’s precisely the kind of thing we’re looking for when we analyze a company offering hair loss treatments or medication. 

From all angles and on all accounts, Keeps seems to be a trustworthy company that is easy to do business with. 

From clinically-proven hair loss medication that gives concrete, measurable results, their responsive customer support, and overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, this is the company to go with if you’re ready to stop losing and start growing your hair.