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Is Rose Water Good for Dreadlocks? | We Say Yes!

Rose water has gained popularity recently, becoming known for its amazing benefits and lovely smell. Rose water is full of antioxidants and offers many benefits for your hair, from helping to keep it moisturized to providing benefits for your scalp.

Due to its rave reviews across the board, many people wonder, “Is rose water good for dreadlocks?” If this is you, keep reading — we’ll show you all you need to know below.

Why Rose Water Is Good for Dreadlocks

Rose water has many properties that have become coveted by dreadheads all over the world. From anti-inflammatory properties and scalp benefits to offering moisturization and frizz control, rose water has a lot to offer.

You’ll find rose waters are combined with different essential oils, so it’s important to ensure you like the smell of the oil you choose. Rose water has become the top pick for use by those who style their hair with dreadlocks.

It’s easy to see why with the endless benefits that rosewater offers. Rose water is suitable for use on all types of hair but is commonly known for being used for those with dreadlocks. 

Rose water also offers many vitamins delivered directly to your locs, such as vitamins A, C, and D. There are many benefits to using rose water, such as:

Let’s dive into all the specifics you need to know about the benefits of rose water, how to use rose water, and a few products you can mix with rose water to take your hydration to the next level.

What Is Rose Water?

Image of rose water being used for dreadlocks on a table in a jar


Rose water has been around for decades, which is thought to be sometime between the 8th and 10th centuries. Rose water is commonly known as “Rosa Damascena” or “Damask Rose.” 

There are two common ways to make rose water:

  • Steeping rose petals in water
  • Collecting the byproduct of rose essential oils during distillation

Of course, it’s easy for you to make your rose water at home by soaking dried rose petals in water, but the product will be much less potent.

If you don’t want to make your own, you’ll find rose water readily available in most of the stores you shop at, such as beauty supply shops, department stores, or even online. 

Benefits of Rose Water for Dreadlocks

By spraying your locs and scalp with rose water, you will be able to take advantage of several benefits such as:

  • Supporting scalp health: Rose water is a mild astringent which can help clarify the scalp. It will also help constrict the skin leading to less oil production and preventing excess oil. Rose water can also help to reduce and treat dandruff.
  • Moisturizing locs while containing frizz: Rose water is excellent for reducing and managing frizz associated with locs and locks in hydration to locs, keeping them moisturized and shiny. 
  • Naturally great smell: Aside from the many benefits offered, rose water has a fantastic smell that draws most people to use it to spritz their hair for a fresh, clean fragrance. 
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial: Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease eczema, which is helpful on the scalp. Its antibacterial properties also come in handy when needing to treat itchy rashes or wounds on the scalp.

4 Ways to Use Rose Water on Your Dreadlocks

If you haven’t used rose water yet, you might want to try it to see if it works for your needs. These are the best ways we’ve found to use rose water on your locs:

1. Perform a rose water scalp treatment

If your scalp needs some hydration, a good cleanse, or to feel refreshed, a scalp treatment is necessary. You’ll want to gather some rose water and cotton balls for the treatment. 

Soak the cotton balls in the rose water (or you can use a spray method) and use the rose water-infused cotton balls along all of your parts to target your scalp. This method helps to reduce dandruff and itching. 

2. Use Rose Water Shampoo or Conditioner

An easy way to incorporate rose water into your routine to take advantage of the benefits is by using rose water-infused shampoo or conditioner.

3. Use a Rose Water Refresher Spray

Sprays come in handy when you need some quick, light refreshing and moisturization. Spray the rose water directly on your dreadlocks. Not only will you enjoy the smell, but you’ll also notice that your hair feels hydrated and looks shinier. 

4. Use a Rose Water Rinse

To get some deep moisturizing benefits, you can rinse your hair with rose water by pouring it over your clean dreadlocks. Using this method, the rose water will penetrate your locs much deeper than the mist of a spray.

Popular Rose Water Mixtures for Dreadlocks

Rose water mixes are very popular amongst those with dreadlocks. Customizing your rose water mix allows you to target specific concerns for your hair.

  • Rose water with aloe vera: For this mix, mix rose water and aloe vera and combine them in a spray bottle. Typically you’ll use about 2 ounces of aloe vera and fill the remainder of the bottle with rose water. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 
  • Rose water with Vitamin E oil: In a spray bottle, mix three parts of rose water and 1 part of vitamin E oil and shake to combine. You can use this gentle spray daily on your hair or as you find needed to keep your hair moisturized. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about using rosewater on dreadlocks.

How often should I use rose water on my dreadlocks?

Use rose water on your dreadlocks to keep them moisturized as often as needed. Keeping a spray on hand to quickly spritz your hair is best.

Can you leave rose water in your hair?

Yes, you can leave rose water in your hair. However, if you apply deep rose water, you should rinse your hair after a few hours or leave the rose water overnight.

If I’m allergic to roses, can I use rose water for my dreadlocks?

Although rose water is safe for most people, you shouldn’t use rose water if you are allergic to roses. Other available products offer similar benefits to rose water that you can try.

Can I mix rose water with coconut oil for my dreadlocks?

You can make rose water and coconut oil mixture on your dreadlocks. You can combine three tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 cup of rose water to make your at-home treatment. Store in a spray bottle and use it as a pre-wash, leave-in, or overnight treatment.

How long does rose water last?

You should read the label for the specific brand of rose water you have, but rose water made through distillation lasts up to 6 months when stored properly, while rose water made from soaking roses lasts about one month.

So, Is Rose Water Good for Dreadlocks?

With all the benefits we covered, it’s no surprise why rose water is good for your dreadlocks. The product offers many benefits and has a variety of uses to help your dreadlocks.

From moisturizing and shining your locks to providing scalp treatments, it’s a product we highly recommend. So what are you waiting for — grab yourself some rose water and try it out today!