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How Much to Tip Shampoo Girl | Detailed Etiquette Guide

Not sure how much to tip your shampoo girl? You’re not alone. Below we’ve got answers for you. Read on to learn how much you should tip, why it matters, and how to make sure you’re not seen as a cheap customer.

Who Is a Shampoo Girl?

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A shampoo girl is an assistant who works under a hairstylist and performs shampooing services on clients. Such services include preparing shampoos and products, setting up the shampooing area, washing hair, applying conditioner, blow-drying, etc.

Tipping Made Easy

There can be so much confusion around tipping. Unlike in restaurants, where you can give around a 15-20 percent tip to your server, salons are a bit trickier to navigate. There’s no telling who gets bonus money and how much you’re supposed to tip at the salon. 

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have to tip the hairstylist?
  • What do you do if multiple employees helped you with your treatment?

Are You Supposed to Tip the Salon Employees?

The answer is yes. Salons usually run on a commission-based business model. This means that the employees get paid for the services they offer. They keep a portion of the cost they charge, and it’s usually around 40 to 60 percent of the price.

The remainder of the money goes to the salon for overhead costs like utilities, products used, and amenities for both staff and clients. Hairstylists depend on your tips as part of their income.

This helps them pay for supplemental benefits such as health benefits or paid-off days. When tipping your hairstylist, it’s always best to go with the golden rule of 20 percent on the entire cost used in restaurants.

What If Multiple Assistants Helped With Your Shampoo?

An assistant, such as the shampoo girl, will be involved in almost every aspect of your service. Since they don’t perform technical services, they’re mostly paid a day rate by the salon owner.

Also, the hairstylists that they assist will tip them out with a small percentage of the day’s earnings. When several people work on your hair, it can be hard to navigate how to tip.

So, generally, think about what the shampoo girl has done for you. If they’re shampooing, applying toner, and blow-drying your hair, it will be a good idea to tip them.

How Much Should You Tip a Shampoo Girl?

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Base your tip on the services they have given you. The more they do, the more you should tip. Generally, the tip should range between $3 and $5. You can also consider the location of the salon.

If you’re in a big city or if the salon you go to is exclusive, the tip you give your shampoo girl can be as high as $10. You now know the importance of tipping and how much you should tip up to this point. Below, we will look at a few things to consider when booking your next appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do if you can’t figure out who helped you?

In large salons, you may have over five different individuals working on your hair, and it can be a nightmare trying to figure out who to tip. You can ask the person ringing you up at the front desk to help you calculate the tips and distribute them to the right people.

When should you never tip?

The only time that you shouldn’t tip at the salon is when you buy products such as shampoo or styling products. Salon products are pricey and will increase your bill. Always ask for them to be calculated as a separate transaction, so there is no confusion when you tip.

What if you are using a coupon?

If you have a coupon, inquire from the reception about the actual cost of the service you received. This will guide you on how to tip. The same will apply if you are getting a discount.

So, Should You Tip the Shampoo Girl?

Since tipping is a show of appreciation, it will help you build a strong relationship with the stylists. You may end up getting perks such as free trims or extra-early or late appointments. A hairstylist will more likely go above and beyond for a good tipper. 

Remember to tip 20 percent of the entire cost, and the assistants, like the shampoo girls, should be included in your tip.