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15 Trendy Homecoming Hairstyles for 2024

Browse 15 cute and trendy homecoming hairstyles that complement your dress and make you feel like a princess!

We’ll show you stunning homecoming styles from chic and simple to deliciously intricate in this style guide.

What Are Some Cute Homecoming Hairstyles?

  • Mirror your dress style in your homecoming hairstyle – simple, boho, classic, or formal
  • Decide whether you’ll wear your hair down, half-up, or in a full updo
  • Pick hairstyles that suit your personality and sense of style

When you’re counting down to homecoming, it’s time to start thinking about homecoming hairstyles and the general look you want to create for the big night. 

Whether you’ll be a member of the homecoming court or just dancing the night away, finding cute homecoming hairstyles that fit your personal sense of style and complement your dress is essential. 

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for homecoming, you have a lot of options – and that’s part of what makes choosing such a challenge. 

It’s easier if you’ve already chosen your dress and have a general idea of the look you’re going for. 

Do you want to look and feel like a fairytale princess? Are you aiming for a more casual vibe? Do you prefer loose and free-flowing boho looks?

Consider the cut and neckline of your dress when you’re browsing homecoming hairstyles, too.

Strapless gowns tend to look best with full updos, plunging necklines look great with your hair down, and off-shoulder gowns can go either way. 

These are great things to keep in mind, but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking the perfect hairstyle for homecoming. 

As long as you choose a hairstyle that feels like “you” and makes you comfortable, you’re going to shine bright all night long at homecoming. 

Take a look at 15 of our favorite cute homecoming hairstyles next! 

15 Homecoming Hairstyles That Steal the Spotlight

Picture yourself dancing the night away with your friends while you browse through 15 cute hairstyles for homecoming below. You’ll see a mix of different types of styles, from simple and understated to full-on glam. 

These examples will inspire you and give you ideas for creating the perfect homecoming look with trendy style elements and accessories!

1. Loose Pinned Updo With Jeweled Accents

Back side view of red haired woman wearing a formal loose updo with pieces hanging loose and accessories pinned in the back


Go for the beautifully undone look with a low updo created with sweeping sections that criss-cross and curve to form a visually stunning style.

This low updo is formal without being over the top. Finish it off with strands pulled loose around your face (hit them with a curling iron) and a jeweled accessory or hair picks to add that extra polished touch.

2. Braided Side Bun

Brunette woman in front of a teal background smiles wearing a braided side bun as an example of trendy homecoming hairstyles


A simple dress calls for an understated homecoming ‘do that won’t overwhelm the design of your dress. We love this low-key braided side bun style! 

A loose braid following the front hairline down one side creates interest and texture in the front. It leads to a braided side bun that’s securely pinned in place. 

3. Half Up Waves With Floral Accents

Profile view of young blonde woman modeling half-up homecoming hairstyles with curls and flower accents

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Loose, beachy waves will never go out of style and provide a perfectly-tousled base for this chic half updo that reminds us of a fairytale princess. 

Small sections from the front are draped and pinned in the back with small floral picks and accents tucked in between the sections for a natural, earthy touch. 

4. Triple Braid Bun Updo

Back view of woman in an open back dress wearing a braided updo as an example of cute homecoming hairstyles

Iuliia Stepashova/Shutterstock

Who knew that 3 basic braids could be the start of a gorgeous homecoming hairstyle? If you look closely, you’ll see that this intricate-looking updo is actually very simple to create.

Start by creating 3 stacked ponytails down the back of your head. Braid each one and secure with a clear elastic, then wrap the braid around its base to form a braid bun.

When you’re finished, secure the buns with a few bobby pins and a little hairspray. Tug a few strands loose around your face to soften the look. 

5. Glam Curls With Jeweled Headband

Woman in a formal gown looks over her shoulder wearing curls and a headband as one of the top homecoming hairstyles


Want to wear your hair down for homecoming? You can easily dress up the look a bit with a jeweled or accented headband and big, bouncy curls. 

Go for lots of volume with volumizing root spray and mousse for extra hold while your hair is still damp. Dry it completely, then wrap sections around a curling iron or wand for big, bouncy curls. 

Finish by situating your headband a couple of inches back from your hairline and use hairspray to lift and set your curls into place. 

6. Boho Rope Crown Braid

Young woman with a white henna tattoo on her collarbone sports one of the trendiest homecoming hairstyles with a rope crown braid

Iuliia Stepashova/Shutterstock

We love a good boho hoco hairstyle (plus it’s fun to say). This rope crown braid is perfect for hippies at heart and has a gorgeous, goddess-like appeal. 

Leaving small sections out from the front, divide your hair into 2 equal sections with a middle part. Twist a rope braid in place on each side, securing them with a clear elastic.

Drape the rope braids over the top of your head, one behind the other, and pin with bobby pins. Smooth the 2 loose sections from the front and pin behind your ears or curl them and let them hang freely. 

7. Sleek and Straight

Woman in a black dress holds her long straight hairstyle away from her face in a dark room

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

If you don’t want to do anything super fancy or involved for your homecoming hair, try a sleek and straight approach. This shiny, smooth look comes across as chic and polished without requiring tons of time or products. 

Anti-frizz serum, heat protectant shine spray, and a good flat iron are key to creating a sleek straight style for a formal event like homecoming. Go with a middle or side part – whichever you prefer. 

8. Loose Voluminous Side Braid

Side view of a young woman wearing a glamorous loose side braid that's perfect for homecoming hairstyles


Go big or go home – it’s homecoming! With this voluminous side braid, you’ll be going big and loving the laid-back yet put-together look this braid creates. 

Volume is key here, so start with root lifting mousse before you dry your hair and use volumizing spray for extra lift and grip. Leave strands out around the front so you can pin some back into the braid for this textured look.

9. Classic Formal Updo

Profile view of young woman with heavy eyeliner wearing one of the classic homecoming hairstyles with curls pinned in place

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

Updos look great with strapless, one-shoulder, and high neck homecoming dresses. If you want to go full-on classic but keep it simple, start by putting your hair into a high ponytail. 

Curl the ponytail in 1-inch sections, then wrap and loop individual sections to pin them in place around the base. At the end, you’ll have a beautifully classic updo that stays put all night! 

10. Curled Ponytail With Jeweled Accents

Back side view of young brunette woman wearing a curly ponytail hairstyle for homecoming with a jeweled clip accessory


Long hair can be heavy in traditional updos that keep the length pinned to your head, so try a curled ponytail instead. Volume in front and jeweled accents make it a little more formal. 

Gently backcomb hair at the front with hairspray before smoothing back and creating your ponytail at the crown. Curl 1-2 inch sections and finish with a pretty clip or hair pick accessory. 

11. Upswept Updo With Face-Framing Pieces

Back profile view of young brunette woman wearing an upswept updo, an example of trendy homecoming hairstyles in style right now


This formal updo is simpler than it looks and will look perfect with even the most formal dress. Start with the bottom of the style by rolling a section from the nape upward and pinning it in place. 

Take sections from the sides and cross them over the top of the pinned section, securing each one with more pins. When you reach the top, start directing the sections straight back and pinning. 

Tug a few pieces loose around your face for a softer look that’s formal and elegant. 

12. Jeweled Low Updo With Curls

Brunette woman seen from the back side has a curly low updo with jewel accents perfect for homecoming or prom


If you love easy-breezy styles that don’t feel suffocatingly formal, this look is for you. Loose wavy texture builds the foundation and adds lots of carefree volume. 

Underneath it all at the nape of the neck is a small bun, covered with pinned sections of wavy hair flowing in different directions. Finish it off with hairspray and a few jeweled accessories. 

13. Voluminous Glam Curls

Brunette woman in a purple dress wears glamorous curly homecoming hairstyle parted on the side in front of a blue wall

VALUA VITALY/Shutterstock

Wear your hair down and loose with big, glam curls that are bouncy and defined with lots of volume. To ensure your curls stay all night, prep your hair with mousse or curl cream before drying. 

Bigger curling irons create the best curls for this look, but if you like tighter curls, it’s all about preference. You can add a headband or pretty barrette to dress it up a bit. 

14. Low Bun With Face-Framing Tendrils

Young blonde woman dressed up with makeup wears a homecoming hairstyle with a low bun and face-framing pieces pulled out


Simple, chic, and flirty, this low bun is softened up with wavy tendrils hanging down around the face and looks perfect for homecoming. 

Start with a simple bun or low updo in the back – you might find it easier to start with curly or wavy texture to fill out the bun. Dangly earrings look great with the face-framing pieces! 

15. Old Hollywood Brushed Waves

Rear view of woman in a red top wearing her hair styled in Hollywood waves to show current homecoming hairstyles


Retro Hollywood waves start out as curls that are brushed to soften the shape and blur out the curl definition. The result? Gorgeously vintage vibes that looks great with any retro-style homecoming dress. 

We love a deep side part with lots of volume to accompany old Hollywood waves. It always looks great with a bold, red lip!

Things to Consider

Back side view of stylist doing a brunette woman's homecoming hairstyles with a curly updo


When you’re getting ready for homecoming, there are so many things to figure out and start planning. Here are a few things to consider to make sure you’re on track with your homecoming hairstyles. 

  • Estimate how much time your style will take. If you’ll be doing your own hair for homecoming, make sure you have a good idea of how long it’ll take so you don’t run into issues on the big night. Doing a trial run is always a great idea to get it figured out – don’t forget to start a timer when you begin! 
  • Find a great hair stylist. If you’re digging more intricate styles or just don’t want to worry about doing your own homecoming hairstyles, find a great stylist to get you looking gorgeous. Ask your friends for their recommendations – or who to avoid – and try to get an appointment lined up well in advance. 
  • Make sure your style stays put. Extra bobby pins, a final mist of hairspray, and even tucking a few more clips or pins into your purse for the night are great ideas to help your homecoming hair stay put. If you notice pieces starting to fall down, you can quickly pin things back in place or add clips for support. 
  • Have a backup plan. What if everything goes wrong, your stylist cancels, you can’t create the look you wanted, or your hair’s just not cooperating? It helps to have a backup plan just in case. A curly wrapped ponytail, wavy half updo, fluffed-out braid, or wild and bouncy curls are good fallback options if your preferred style doesn’t work out. 
  • Stick with the status quo beforehand. Right before homecoming is not the time to experiment with your hair. That means no new haircuts, bold color changes, or willy-nilly treatments on your hair as you count down to homecoming. Wait until after the big night to try something new just in case! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Stylist finishes a blonde woman's formal hairstyle with bobby pins to show examples of cute homecoming hairstyles


Navigating all the gorgeous homecoming hairstyles is a lot easier when you can see the questions other people ask most often. Check out the most frequently asked questions to learn more about cute homecoming styles! 

What can I do for my homecoming hair?

Homecoming hair ideas include loose updos with waves, half up styles with curls or wavy texture, boho braided styles, classic updos, and down and loose styles with sleek, wavy, or curly texture.

Should I curl or straighten my hair for homecoming?

Curls and waves are more popular for homecoming than straight styles, but you can make any of these textures look gorgeous for homecoming.

Consider the style and formality of your dress when you’re deciding whether to curl or straighten your hair. Curls can elevate a simple dress, while sleek straight strands look great with a more formal gown.

What is hoco hair?

Hoco hair is short for homecoming hair and refers to whimsical, undone styles featuring braids, twists, and undone waves.

Hoco hairstyles are usually half updos that let the bottom half hang freely with the top half braided in a boho chic style.

What are some back to school hairstyles?

Don’t go too formal or over the top with back to school hairstyles - it’s all about practical, cute, and comfy.

Dressed-up wrapped ponytails with curled ends, loose beachy waves, big, loosened braids, and curvy blowouts are all great options for back to school hairstyles.

How should I wear my hair to a dance?

Tons of hairstyles look great for a dance, but if you plan on actually breaking it down out there, you’ll want to go with a half up style or a full updo.

These styles keep strands out of your face and can customized with waves, curls, braids, twists, and accessories.

So, Which Homecoming Hairstyles Will Work for You?

Once you’re in the official planning phase for homecoming, finding the perfect hairstyle becomes a top priority. Your hair can make or break the way you feel about your overall homecoming look! 

Focus only on the styles that suit your personality and hairstyle preferences, whether that’s loose and beachy, intricate and formal, or simple and chic. 

Figure out who’s going to create your homecoming hairstyle – you, a friend, or a professional stylist – and get that settled well ahead of time. Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to getting ready for the dance!

Finally, make sure you’re securing your style so you can dance without worrying about it falling down before the night’s over. And if you really plan to get down on the dance floor, consider going with a half up or full updo style!