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Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes | 7 Ideas We Love

Rocking light locks for Halloween? See the best Halloween costumes for blondes to have more fun on fright night. We found characters and costume ideas with blonde hair that are perfect for Halloween!

See our favorite dress up ideas for blondes, from Barbie and Elle Woods to Harley Quinn and Marilyn Monroe below. 

What Are the Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes?

  • Costumes that work for current blondes or blonde wigs
  • Characters from TV, movies, comic books, toys, and history
  • Buy or piece together your creative costume with blonde hair

When you put effort into maintaining your blonde tresses, you want your Halloween costume to show off your luscious locks instead of disguising them. Even if your hair isn’t actually blonde, a great wig can bring your costume to life and let you experiment with blonde color! 

Luckily, there are countless iconic costumes ideal for blonde hair or a blonde wig. You can choose a fictional blonde character from TV shows or movies.

Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, Angelica from Rugrats, and infuriatingly endearing Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation are all great ideas for blondes on Halloween. Maybe you’d prefer a historical blonde costume with vampy vintage vibes, like Marilyn Monroe.

Even iconic toys can be great inspiration when it comes to Halloween costumes for blondes! Part of what makes Halloween so fun is that you can transform into a different person for the night.

While costumes based on classic monsters and references to current events have their charm, basing your costume around a part of you – like your hair – can take your outfit to the next level.  

Hair color is a fun starting point for a costume since many people can likely already identify you with being blonde. With a good Halloween costume for blondes, you can reaffirm your style while combining your unique flair with that of a favorite character or historical figure.

Halloween costumes for blondes aren’t just for blondes, either. A wide availability of blonde wigs from regal to ridiculous make it easy to rock blonde hair for Halloween night, even if you’re a natural brunette or redhead. 

Creating your costume around blonde hair can be a memorable experience in itself. For options on our list like Leslie Knope or Elle Woods, you can piece together a great costume with items from your own closet, thrift shops, or local boutiques.

If you want the convenience of an immediately complete outfit, a store-bought costume is also a fantastic option. Some of the costumes on our list are easily found online and in costume shops, like Barbie, Harley Quinn, and Marilyn Monroe. 

If you decide to buy a Halloween costume for blondes, it’s essential to ensure the one you choose is good quality and accurate to the character of your choice. Read on to discover some of the best Halloween costumes for blondes.

Top 7 Halloween Costumes for Blondes

Basing your costume around your hair color is a great way to create a foundation for your costume in a natural and fun way. You can craft your costume on your own or opt for a ready-made ensemble. 

  • Best Overall: Barbie
  • Best for Women: Elle Woods
  • Best for Men: Fred from Scooby Doo
  • Best for Humor: Angelica from Rugrats
  • Best Easy Costume: Leslie Knope
  • Best Ambitious Costume: Harley Quinn
  • Best for History Lovers: Marilyn Monroe

Here are the details on the seven best Halloween costumes. Try one of these ideas if you want to really highlight your blonde hair on Halloween!

1. Best Halloween Costume for Blondes Overall: Barbie

Woman in one of the best Halloween costumes for blondes as Barbie in a box



  • Timeless, classic costume
  • Versatile with lots of outfit options
  • Great for couples costumes


  • Hard to photograph
  • Makes sitting difficult

Made of plastic, but so fantastic! Barbie may have started as a doll but she is now the star of films, TV shows, books, and more. There are countless Barbies you can model yourself after, including Malibu Barbie, Totally Hair Barbie, and Mermaid Barbie.

Complete your look with a toy box that will help you look fresh off the shelf. A big benefit of this costume is it works for couples. These boxes are fun, easily stand out at a party, and are fairly comfortable to wear.

The only issue is the clear plastic on the box reflects light, so it’s best to not use a flash when photographing these costumes. Keep in mind this costume doesn’t include clothing. Still, that makes it versatile because you can choose any outfit you want to pair with it.  

2. Best for Women: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

Woman dressed up as Elle Woods of Legally Blonde as one of the top Halloween costume ideas for blondes in pink suit and sunglasses

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock


  • Versatile with multiple outfit options
  • Fun accessories
  • Easily recognizable to others


  • Watch the costume material to ensure comfort
  • Runs small and non-stretching fabric

Elle Woods is the perfect costume if you’re looking to model yourself after a strong and enduring character. A fun aspect of Elle is she has several well-known outfits from the Legally Blonde films that you can emulate. One example shown above is her iconic pink suit with pink shades! 

Another particularly recognizable Elle Woods costume is her Jackie O-inspired outfit from the second film in the franchise. This costume is comfortable and easy to wear. However, the polyester material and long sleeves can be warm if you are sensitive to heat.

3. Best for Men: Fred from Scooby Doo

Group dressed up as Scooby Doo characters including Fred as one of the best Halloween costumes for blondes



  • Full costume ready to wear
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great for groups


  • Sizing can be finicky
  • Thin material

Fred from Scooby Doo is one of the most famous and iconic male blonde characters in popular culture. He is known for his white shirt, blue pants, and orange neckerchief. Add a magnifying glass and the rest of the Mystery Inc gang for the full effect.

This costume is comfortable and easy to wear to a Halloween party. Still, the material can be a little thin, and the pants may require hemming depending on the wearer’s height. It’s a great costume to wear along with a group – bonus points if you’ve got a Mystery Machine to travel around in!

4. Best for Humor: Angelica Pickles from Rugrats


  • Hilarious throwback costume
  • Accurate to character
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Full costume may be uncomfortable
  • Polyester material can be hot

Why not make a playful nod to the popular 90s children’s TV show by capturing the essence of Angelica from Rugrats? All you need is a purple dress, striped orange shirt, turquoise leggings, and pigtails.

If you have trouble finding these items, there are plenty of store-bought options you can get. Costume options beautifully mirror the look and vibe of Angelica, including the dress, leggings, and headpiece.

Even though you may want to use your blonde hair in this costume, choosing a costume with the headpiece gives you the choice of modeling Angelica’s exact look and cartoonish vibes.  

5. Best Easy Costume: Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler on the red carpet as Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation in an orange suit, one of the top Halloween costumes for blonde hair

Eugene Powers/Shutterstock


  • Easy to piece together
  • Officially licensed options available
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Can get hot, depending on outfit chosen
  • Polyester shirts may be uncomfortable

It doesn’t take too much effort to capture the driven, optimistic character of Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Simply find a smart-looking pantsuit and a patriotic blouse. Possible props include a petition, shovel, and ID card.

This costume is an easy and fun choice for Halloween and contains all of the essential components that make up Leslie Knope. If you aren’t blonde, you might want to get the matching wig sold separately from this costume.  Piece together your own costume or purchase a licensed costume for the easiest option! 

6. Best Ambitious Costume: Harley Quinn

Woman dressed up as Harley Quinn to show off one of the best Halloween costumes for blondes featuring pigtails and a baseball bat

Denis Ivanov43/Shutterstock


  • Officially licensed options available
  • Sizing runs accurately
  • Comfortable and sexy


  • Polyester can get warm
  • Sequins fall off easily, fabrics may stretch

Harley Quinn is an ambitious costume thanks to the number of accessories and details that go into the character. Still, this complex antihero has many iconic outfits you can try. The recent depiction from Margot Robbie is one of the most popular versions to consider.

Inspired by Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look, this costume includes a jacket/shirt, shorts, belt, and fishnets. Finish your look with some hair dye, fake tattoos, and boots. There are some reported issues with the stretch and sequins on the shorts, but this is an overall great costume.  

7. Best for History Lovers: Marilyn Monroe

Woman in iconic Marilyn Monroe white dress costume, one of the best costumes for blondes at Halloween



  • Comfortable yet dressy
  • Flattering on many body types
  • Versatile beyond Halloween


  • Fit can be tricky
  • Requires a slip

Costumes don’t get much more iconic than Marilyn Monroe, who has several looks you can recreate. Opt for her white ensemble from The Seven Year Itch or the pink dress and diamonds from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to ensure everyone recognizes who you’re dressing up as! 

This beautiful costume closely resembles Marilyn’s well-known white dress. The outfit is of decent quality but does require a careful undergarment selection. Moreover, the fan isn’t included.  

Halloween Costumes for Blondes Buying Guide

You might have a character in mind for your Halloween costume, but here are some tips to help you with the costume buying process.

1. Consider Your Personal Style

Halloween is a fantastic time to express yourself and push your style to the limits. Do you want to be scary, cute, sexy, or something else altogether? Whatever you choose, there are plenty of costumes to match your vision.

You can also use Halloween to reaffirm or subvert your usual style. So, consider if you want your costume to fit your wardrobe – maybe you can wear it beyond Halloween – or try a different look altogether.

2. Keep Comfort in Mind

While your aesthetic is essential to your Halloween costume, you don’t want to be trapped in something uncomfortable to wear all night. Thankfully, plenty of blonde costume options are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Some factors to consider include warmth, size, stretch, materials used, and construction. If possible, try wearing your costume at least once before the occasion you bought it for. See if you enjoy donning it for an hour or two and make any necessary adjustments.

3. Stay True to the Character

Another consideration beyond the look of the costume is the background and character behind that outfit. Understand the source material and see if there are ways to honor the origins in fun and little ways with accessories.

So, if your costume comes from a movie or book character, watch or re-read the inspiration and ensure you understand the character. Likewise, if you’re dressing up as a historical figure, research accordingly.

4. Consider the Age Range

No matter your age, there are plenty of blond Halloween costumes for you to dress up in. Your age shouldn’t significantly affect the general costume choice but it might influence size and interpretation.

Dress up as forever 3-year old Angelica, or go as a twenty-something Elle Woods – it’s up to you! Pick accessories that suit the age range of your chosen blonde character. 

If you are looking for a costume for your child, it’s likely the costume will need to be appropriate to wear to school. Anyone with mobility issues may have to consider getting in and out of a costume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Two blonde woman show off their ideas for the best Halloween costumes for blondes while dressing up in photo booth

Raisa Kanareva/Shutterstock

Do you have more questions about Halloween costumes? Keep reading as we have the answers.

What colors complement blonde hair?

Theoretically, any color can complement blonde hair, but a few favorite options include bright blue and pink.

While you can find blonde characters who wear any colors, accompanying color palates often include those. Some notable examples include Cinderella, Beyonce, and Elle Woods.

What are good group Halloween costumes for blondes?

If you and your whole group are blondes, you can choose costumes, such as the main cast from the film, Heathers. Of course, you may also be a blonde in a group of people with other hair colors.

If that is the case, consider characters like Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus, Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls, and Betty of Betty and Veronica.

What are good blonde Halloween costumes?

While there are many popular choices for blonde costumes that work for children and adults, a few are especially good for kids.

Some of these costumes include Princess Aurora, Super-Girl, and Charlie Brown. Many even work well for babies without hair.

What are some good costumes from books?

While movies and TV shows are some of the most common sources of inspiration, books are still a great resource to consider.

Some fantastic blonde characters from literature include Nancy Drew, Daisy Buchanon, the Lannisters from Game of Thrones, and Alice of Alice in Wonderland.

Who are some blonde historical figures?

Besides Marilyn Monroe, there are plenty of other blonde historical figures who make great inspiration for your Halloween costume.

You can choose from various iconic names, such as Marie Antoinette, Grace Kelly, and Brigette Bardot. Select an iconic look from one of these figures and make it your own.

So, What Are the Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes?

The best Halloween costumes for blonde hair include many iconic characters and real people from history. Barbie takes our top spot because she’s so iconic and fun to dress up as! But don’t forget other great options, like Elle Woods, Fred from Scooby Doo, Leslie Knope, Harley Quinn, and Marilyn Monroe.

Whether you want something cute, nostalgic, or a little scary, there is a blonde-centric costume to fit your needs. Choose your favorite and find out why blondes have more fun on Halloween night!