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Hair Cut Too Short? | Don’t Panic | Try These 10 Simple Fixes

When it comes to fixing hair that’s cut too short, many of us have been there. But don’t worry — we’ve rounded up some simple fixes to help you get your confidence back.

Hair Cut Too Short? Try These 10 Easy Fixes

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A style gone wrong is pretty disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world (or your social life). Your hair will eventually grow back (obviously), but waiting for this to happen can be easier said than done, especially when you’re rocking a cut you don’t care for.

The good news is that people have been finding ways to cope with a bad haircut for quite some time, so there are plenty of resources out there. Let’s look at a few ways, both psychological tricks and practical strategies, that will help you on your journey after your hair is cut too short.

1. Don’t Panic

The first thing you should do when you feel your hair is cut too short is: calm down! It can be easy to start panicking when you look in the mirror and see a different cut than you expected. This is almost a normal reaction.

Why is it so important not to panic? Psychologists have a lot of evidence to show that you don’t make the best decisions when you’re under the influence of strong emotions.

So while you may be tempted to shed tears or lash out in anger, save that release for later if possible. Right now you need to use your head to figure out the best course of action. And just remember—a “bad” or different haircut really isn’t the end of the world.

You will look different, sure, but there are plenty of ways to manage a haircut that’s too short. And at the very least, your hair will grow back.

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2. Give Yourself Time to Adjust

A lot of times we experience disappointment in the gap between the ideal and the reality. Giving yourself time to adjust to a haircut that’s too short can help bridge a bit of that gap.

Try giving yourself a few days, maybe three or four, before taking another long look in the mirror and reevaluating your new look. Unless your haircut is a DIY job or you saw a novice stylist, chances are that your haircut doesn’t actually look that bad, it just looks different.

Our physical appearance plays strongly into our self-image, and this won’t change overnight. Giving yourself space to create a new ideal of your appearance is mandatory for moving on from a haircut that’s too short.

3. Change Your Outlook

Maybe you’ve never rocked the look before, but shorter hair has its pluses too! It may help to scan through a few short haircut trends to get an idea of where your new ‘do fits in the spectrum.

It can also help to check out a styling guide for inspiration on how to wear your shorter hair. Shorter hair can be less maintenance, especially once you get used to it, and you won’t need to use nearly as much shampoo and other products to care for it.

Short hair can also be pretty versatile. Depending on how short your new cut is, you can often still pull off an updo or just relish in the fact that you no longer need to spend as much time styling your hair every day.

4. Be Confident! 

Sometimes all a new look needs to really come to life is confidence. The shock of getting a haircut that’s too short can leave you unsure of how to face the world, but after the initial shock wears off, try to be confident about it.

One practical way to boost your confidence about your haircut is to try and find others who are rocking the same look. Whether this involves a celebrity search on Google or just flipping through hairdo magazines, there are lots of people proudly wearing their short hairdos out there.

Seeing others with the same look can help build your confidence about your new shorter hair, and give you some trendy style ideas as well.

5. Wear a Hat or Scarf

This piece of advice is really more of a stopover than a solution. When you get a haircut that’s too short and aren’t feeling it, try patching it over for a few days with a stylish scarf or hat. You can’t wear a hat or scarf forever.

But you can buy time while you’re adjusting to your new haircut. Confidence may not be everything, but it sure does go a long way—especially when it comes to pulling off a new haircut that you weren’t expecting.

6. Invest in New Hair Accessories

Another practical way to deal with a haircut that’s too short is to take a look and reevaluate your hair care inventory. Many hair accessories, from headbands and barrettes to decorative clips, can look great on shorter styles but aren’t always as practical on longer ones.

So take a look at your haircare drawer and see what you can find. It might be that you just need to invest in some new accessories. Many shorter cuts, for example, can be accented with a small headband to help shape and hold the hairline, and also add a touch of color.

7. Wear a Wig or Hair Extensions

Using a wig or extensions is more of a long-term solution for covering up a haircut that’s too short. If you’re a newbie to the world of wigs, check out our wig guide for help on deciding what’s best for you. Some wigs can be damaging to your hair, so keep that in mind if you’re concerned about growing out healthy hair.

Extensions are another way to cover up a haircut that’s too short. Extensions come in many varieties and can be as simple as a clip-on ponytail or as involved as box braids.

Before going this route, you’ll also want to consider how long these styles last. If your eventual goal is to grow your hair out to its original length, for example, you could be using a wig or hair extensions for some time.

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8. Cut Your Hair Shorter

It can sometimes seem counterintuitive, but one way to remedy a haircut that’s too short is to cut it even shorter. You might be dubious about this one, but hear us out. Many times hair that is cut too short can look a bit funky on you simply because the stylist messed up.

A haircut that’s too short can sometimes look like a botched job because chances are, it wasn’t what you or your stylist was going for. It could help to simply select another (short) haircut and go for that one instead.

You could try shaping or shaving the sides to give yourself a more intentionally short look. If this doesn’t suit you, you could also try adding some color and texture to your hair with a rough chop or a fun dye.

9. Promote Hair Growth

Incorporating strategies into your routine to help your hair grow faster can be a long-term proposition. In this case, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Things such as keeping your body hydrated and upping your vitamin and mineral intake aren’t just good tips for growing your hair. They can also help you improve your overall health.

Another practical way to help your hair grow is to avoid causing hair breakage and damage. Using heated styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers can damage your tresses. Hair shafts that have been weakened through poor hair care routines can break easily.

And while neither damage nor hair breakage will help your hair grow out faster per se, they do make it harder for your hair to look healthy and retain its length. 

10. Look Up Demos and Tutorials

Finally, try looking up demos and tutorials to help you cope with a haircut that’s too short. Sites like YouTube and the various social media platforms out there, like Instagram, can be a great answer to the “what do I do with my hair?” question.

If nothing else, it can sometimes help to see others rocking a look you maybe had never considered for yourself and help you infuse your attitude with positivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Find some more information below. We have answered the most common questions about this topic.

How do you cope with a haircut that is too short?

You can adopt a hair-grow routine to help your hair grow healthy and retain length. This includes staying hydrated, taking supplements, and regular deep conditioning treatments.

You can also consider a few psychological techniques, such as changing your outlook on short hairstyles, to boost your confidence about your new look.

I cut my hair too short, how long will it take to grow back?

According to information from Medical News Today, hair grows between 0.2 and 0.7 inches per month. So depending on how long you’re trying to grow your hair, it can be a long process.

While you may not be able to make the hair grow out of your head any faster, you can keep the hair that is growing healthy and strong. Certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A and C, can help reduce hair breakage and other damage.

Why do hairdressers always cut your hair too short?

It may seem like hairdressers are always giving bad haircuts, but this is actually just an error in perception. Since hairdressers are the ones giving most of the haircuts when we hear stories of bad haircuts it very likely involves a hairdresser.

What can you do when your hair is cut too short on the sides?

Sometimes you get a cut and wind up with a close shave on the sides. If you’re not a fan of the look, you can try taking some more length off the top to balance out the ratio. You might even consider doing a fade on the sides to lessen the contrast with the top of your haircut.

How do I cope with my hair being too short after I was used to it being long?

Long hair is great, but short hair is not without its advantages! Shorter styles can be sassy, sexy, and edgy, plus they can give you a “fresh start” in revamping your hair care routine. Focus on the positives and seek out ideas on how to style short hair.

Hair Cut Too Short: A Summary

Hair cut too short? Don’t worry. While it may be a shock when your stylist first hands you the mirror and you see way more hair chopped off than you wanted to, you’re just fine!

There are actually many strategies, from psychological to practical, that can help you learn to better cope with your new short look. Just remember to keep it positive and if nothing else, you can make a resolution to grow your hair out healthy.