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5 Goat Milk Benefits for Hair | Our No-B.S. Take

Increasingly, people are turning away from chemical-heavy hair products in favor of more natural solutions. In the process, they stumbled across the many goat milk benefits for hair. 

Goat’s milk as a hair care product has a long and colorful history going back to Ancient Rome and Egypt. It’s rich in vitamins, probiotics, and fatty acids. The result is that even a little goes a long way. So, what are the benefits of goat milk for hair? 

Goat Milk Benefits for Hair

Before discussing the benefits of goat milk, it’s important to stress that it isn’t an overnight cure for damaged, dry, or otherwise unruly hair. For healthy hair, you need a combination of several things, including:

  • Good diet 
  • Routine shampoo and conditioner use 

But there are demonstrable benefits to using goat’s milk on your hair. Here are some of the most significant. 

1. Promotes Hair Growth 

One of the predominant goat milk benefits for hair is that it encourages growth. Are you trying to grow your hair out? Treating it with goat’s milk is an excellent first step. 

That’s because it’s rich in complex proteins that repair, revitalize and lengthen hair. One of the most recognized is caseinCasein encourages the production of sulfur, a vital element if you want longer, healthier-looking hair. 

Another vitamin in goat’s milk that makes it beneficial for people hoping to lengthen their hair is vitamin A. Vitamin A boosts sebum levels. Sebum keeps your hair hydrated, enabling it to grow longer without suffering breakages. 

Goat’s milk is also high in vitamins C and E. These are crucial vitamins because they act as antioxidants. One of their many functions is to ensure your body maintains a healthy balance between free radicals and other vitamins. 

When the balance is off, an accumulation of free radicals can cause oxidative stress and discourage hair growth. Additionally, vitamin C is responsible for collagen production.

Collagen plays a critical role in maintaining the structural integrity of everything from bones to hair. If you don’t have enough of it, things start breaking down. That includes your hair.  

2. Reduces Hair Damage and Hair Loss 

Another goat milk benefit for hair is that it contains several vitamins and minerals that reduce hair damage and hair loss. But goat’s milk doesn’t work in a void, and for the best success in treating hair loss, your best bet is to use goat’s milk in combination with other treatments, like a vitamin-rich diet or hormone therapy. 

That said, goat’s milk conditioners and rinses do make a difference. The other vitamin goat’s milk is high in is vitamin B. Reduced vitamin B levels are one of several contributing factors that affect hair loss. 

Washing your hair with goat’s milk can help increase those levels and reduce hair loss. Goat’s milk is also rich in iron, another vital mineral if you want to reduce hair loss. That’s because low iron levels can cause both thinning hair and hair loss.

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3. Hydrates Hair and Scalp 

Yet another benefit of goat milk for hair is that it rehydrates and nourishes your scalp and hair roots. That is especially true of dry hair because goat’s milk alters its pH

Additionally, goat’s milk penetrates the hair shaft and rehydrates it, turning brittle hair into something with significantly more substance. As discussed, the collagen in goat milk plays a prominent role in this process by reinforcing the structure of your hair. 

But the other way goat milk benefits your hair is that it nourishes the scalp. The combination of vitamins in goat milk also soothes and alleviates the symptoms of itching scalp. These include vitamins A, B2, and D.

But there’s more than vitamins in goat’s milk. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for people with dry scalp.

Depending on how aggravated your scalp is, you can sometimes experience secondary infections from dry scalp. The combination of anti-inflammatory properties and cooling agents in goat’s milk makes it ideal for soothing your skin and stopping you from scratching. 

That gives your scalp time to recover. As it does, the vitamin benefits of goat’s milk can take effect and rehydrate your skin, so you don’t have to continue experiencing dry scalp.

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4. Strengthens Hair 

Yet another goat milk benefit for hair is that it helps strengthen hair. It’s a particularly cost-effective way of tackling the problem of hair that is thin or prone to damage, like split ends and breakages. 

Typically, people wanting to strengthen their hair need to take vitamin supplements. However, many of these occur naturally in goat’s milk. That makes it an effective and affordable alternative to buying half a dozen long-term vitamin supplements. 

It’s also an easier habit to build because instead of remembering multiple vitamins at breakfast, you only have to remember to integrate one new product into your evening hair care routine. 

5. Softens Hair 

Finally, goat’s milk is a natural conditioner. In addition to the many vitamins we discussed, goat’s milk has a high fat content. It’s rich in saturated and unsaturated fats. That might make you think twice about drinking it, but you shouldn’t hesitate to wash your hair with it. 

Softer hair is easier to detangle and brush out. And because you won’t have to battle with your hair to get the knots out, you won’t have to worry as much about split ends and hair damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For a FAQ section on goat milk benefits for hair, a jar of milk next to flowers on a table


Here are several other questions people curious about the benefits of goat’s milk for hair also ask. 

Does goat milk permeate the hair shaft? 

If you’ve used natural hair oils, you are used to them going deep into the hair shaft. It’s natural to wonder if goat milk does the same thing. The answer to this question is yes. All milk, especially goat milk, has a high degree of fatty acids.

It shares many of those acids with coconut and olive oil. Those fatty acids enable hair oils to permeate the hair shaft as thoroughly as they do. That is also true of goat milk.

Is goat’s milk good for the skin as well as hair? 

Yes. In addition to benefiting your hair, there are several reasons to use goat’s milk on your skin. Goat’s milk:

  • Helps skin exfoliate 
  • It contains vitamins A and D 
  • It’s high in probiotics 
  • Softens skin 

How should I wash my hair in goat’s milk? 

There are several ways to use goat’s milk on your hair, including:

  • Conditioner 
  • Soap/Shampoo 
  • Drinking goat’s milk

Crucially, if you use goat’s milk conditioner, ensure you apply it directly to your hair rather than your scalp. That way, the goat’s milk gets into the hair shaft. It also prevents extra oil from accruing on the scalp and making it too greasy. 

You’ll want to apply the conditioner, shampoo, or bar soap to your hair at the ends. You can also put it on from the middle of the shaft. 

So, What Are the Benefits of Goat Milk for Hair?

There are several benefits to using goat’s milk on your hair. It strengthens, hydrates, and lengthens your hair. It can also help treat a dry or itchy scalp. But those aren’t the goat’s milk benefits.

The high vitamin and fatty acid content are equally beneficial for your skin. Whether you experiment with goat’s milk as a beverage, conditioner, shampoo, or even soap is a personal choice.

Find a version that works for you, and give it a try. And remember, don’t expect overnight results. Like all the best things in life, goat milk benefits hair and takes time to show. But we think that it’s worth the wait. Happy styling!