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The 7 Best Shampoo for All Hair Types in 2023

Finding the best shampoo is not easy. After all, everyone’s hair is different. But if you’re hoping to solve dry, thin, limp, colored, curly, or oily hair, you’re in the right place. Read on to see our top picks and why we love each.

Find the Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Image titled best shampoo featuring a number of our top rated shampoos alonside each other in a layflat image

If you haven’t found a shampoo that works miracles on your hair, you’re using the wrong product. Many of us find ourselves grabbing the same brand or type of shampoo for decades without paying attention to what ingredients our hair actually needs.

The truth is that differently formulated shampoos are intended for different types of hair. Some are formulated to heavily moisturize, which is great for dry hair and curls.

Others focus on delivering a deep clean that strips away product residue to leave strands supple and lightweight. Here’s a quick recap of our favorite shampoos and which type of hair they’re best for.

Best Shampoo by Hair Type:

  1. Best for Volumizing: Ethique Eco-Friendly Volumizing Shampoo Bar
  2. Best for Dry Scalp: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Cleansing Shampoo
  3. Best for Colored Hair: Biolage ColorLast Shampoo
  4. Best for Curly Hair: Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo
  5. Best for Oily Hair: OGX Extra Strength Tea Tree Mint Shampoo
  6. Best for Thin Hair: Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  7. Best for Hair Growth: Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo

Not ready to buy? That’s fine — we’ve got your back. Certain shampoos can help you build volume, stop breakage, and increase fullness. No matter what type of hair you have, the right shampoo makes it stronger, fuller, softer, faster-growing, balanced (not dry or oily), and aromatic.

We were tired of generic “best x for y” reviews that did nothing more than list a bunch of products and recap their features. So, we spent $100 on what we considered to be the best shampoo and shipped them to our editor Andrew’s house.

Then, we ranked them based on:

  • Ingredients. Ingredients are huge. If the product is sulfate free, it gets a 5. Learn why in our guide to sulfate free shampoo.
  • Smell. Smell is huge in our reviews. You want a pleasant smell that’s not overpowering. Too strong, it’s a 1. Muted but nice scores a 5.
  • Reviews. Do customers love the shampoo? Would they buy it again? Does it outperform other picks? If so, it’s a 5.
  • Versatility. Does the shampoo work on all hair types, or is it best suited for only one? A shampoo for all hair types scores 5/5.
  • Value. Different than price. If we think the benefits justify the price, it’s a 5.

So, if you’re not getting the results you want from your current shampoo, it’s time to switch things up. Keep reading to learn about each of recommendations and discover which one is best for your hair type. 

Best Shampoos for All Hair Types

No matter what your hair type is, there’s a shampoo out there that is formulated just for you. Here are our top picks for shampoos that stand out above the rest.

1. Best Volumizing Shampoo: Ethique Eco-Friendly Volumizing Shampoo Bar

Best for Volumizing
Ethique Eco-Friendly Volumizing Shampoo Bar
  • Minimal plastic
  • Smells VERY good
  • Mostly natural ingredients
  • Not sulfate free
  • Using it takes a bit of learning
  • Breaks if dropped
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Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 3/5
  • Smell: 5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 4/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Total: 20/25


We love the Ethique Eco-Friendly Volumizing Shampoo Bar to add body and volume to hair. The shampoo is in bar form, like a bar of soap; it does take some getting used to.

But many women who have switched to bar shampoo say they’ll never go back to liquid. This volumizing bar includes lots of natural ingredients that are lightweight to give your hair more oomph.

Salt, cocoa butter, and coconut oil are some of the ingredients in this bar. The salt is super volumizing and texturizing, giving you hair full of body like a day at the beach.

This shampoo bar can be slightly drying, so avoid it if you have dry hair or a dry scalp. It’s great for balanced or oily hair, though! It’s available in 7 scents, but we love the Sweet & Spicy scent. It’s got hints of ginger, orange, and cinnamon!

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

Our first impressions of the Ethique Sweet and Spicy volumizing shampoo bar was that it’s small. But don’t rule it out. If you’ve never used a shampoo bar, it takes some getting used to.

The ethique shampoo bar (one of the best shampoos) on my counter

Small but well-branded box

But the purpose of the bar is to reduce plastic waste. Essentially, you use this just like a bar of soap; lather, scrub, and rinse. Easy peasey.

So, while the bar is small, it should last at least a few months, given you don’t wash your hair every day (washing your hair 2-3 times per week is recommended).

Ethique shampoo bar box tabs open

The box was easy to open. I like the messaging.

If you take the product’s marketing at face value, you’d expect it to be the best shampoo ever. Better for the environment? Check. pH balanced? Check. Plant based? Check. Sulfate free? Um…. nope.

Sodium coco-sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and behentrimonium menthosulfate (from canola oil) all show up in the list of ingredients. However, magnesium sulfate is just epsom salt, which is great for your skin and hair.

Sodium coco-sulfate might cause skin irritation, so avoid this if you have sensitive skin — that’s the only ingredient we don’t like in this bar. Aside from that, it’s mostly natural, and is free of parabens.

Ethique eco-friendly shampoo bar (one of our top shampoo picks) on the counter next to a tape measure

It’s much smaller than expected

Upon opening, the pleasant aroma of orange, cinnamon, and ginger hits your nose. Once lathered, it’s not too strong, so we give it a 5/5 for smell. The trend for reviews is overall positive, with most citing how nice their scalp feels afterward.

If this were a completely natural shampoo, we could justify the price. At just under $16, it’s one of the most expensive on our list. And for that price, we’d have liked to see this be completely sulfate free.

Ethique eco-friendly volumizing shampoo bar on top of its box

Just moving it left residue on my hand

The company says that they need to use a little bit of sulfates to create lather, but we’ve seen other shampoo and soap bars that don’t use them, and they still work fine.

Regardless, we knew what most of the ingredients were, and didn’t have trouble pronouncing too many, so it’s an overall win in our book. If they got rid of the sulfates, this would be our top-rated shampoo.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

If you want to cut down on plastic and include products with more natural ingredients into your daily routine, this bar is worth a look. However, be sure to read the label, as it does contain sulfates.

Word of warning: Make sure to keep the bar dry in between uses. It will melt away if you leave it in the shower sitting in even a small amount of water!

2. Best Shampoo for Dry Scalp: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Cleansing Shampoo

Best for Dry Scalps
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Sulfate Free Cleansing Tea Tree Shampoo
  • Extremely effective
  • Overall positive reviews
  • Paraben, BPA, and sulfate free
  • Strong tee tree oil smell
  • Have to let sit on hair
  • Not a substitute for conditioner
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Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 4/5
  • Smell: 4/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Total: 22/25


For a dry scalp, try Maple Holistics Tea Tree Cleansing Shampoo. This shampoo delivers intensive moisture straight to the scalp and roots without weighing your hair down.

Tea tree oil, jojoba oil work together to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. You can look forward to less flaking, less itching, and a more balanced scalp when you use this shampoo.

It’s sulfate free and we love how this shampoo uses natural ingredients to restore your scalp’s health and moisture barrier. It’s gentle and does a great job cleansing. Your scalp will feel refreshed.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo. It comes in a box, which I thought was a nice touch. While a small touch, it shows that the company goes an extra step beyond the bare minimum (just a plastic bottle).

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo that is sulfate and sulfite free on my counter

The shampoo comes well-packaged and branded

So we started off on a good foot. Overall, this shampoo bottle is smaller than most, but with so many oils, it’ll stretch a little farther than you think. These oils also help moisturize your scalp, leaving it free of flakes.

The smell is a little stronger than I’d have liked, with an aroma of what I consider to be a mix of essential oils. You can definitely smell the tea tree oil, especially once lathered.

Maple holistics tea tree oil shampoo next to a measuring tape

Smaller than a normal bottle of shampoo

We do like that its’ paraben, sulfate, and BPA free, with mostly high-quality ingredients. One thing to note is that the oils take some time to moisturize your scalp, so plan on letting them sit for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Treat this like a conditioner.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

At just under $10, you can’t go wrong with this versatile shampoo. We love that it’s sulfate free, but don’t love the smell. However, if tea tree oil is your thing, you don’t mind a little more pungent aroma, or you have a very dry scalp, add this to your cart.

Note: Tea tree oil is great for hydrating your scalp and roots, but you may want to use an intensive conditioner to restore moisture to your ends. Shampoo as normal and consider using a good leave-in conditioner to get around this problem. It’s also toxic to pets, so keep it in a safe place.

3. Best Shampoo for Colored Hair: Biolage ColorLast Shampoo

Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 3/5
  • Smell: 5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Total: 21/25


Women with color-treated hair, rejoice because Biolage ColorLast Shampoo is going to save your color. This is a low-pH shampoo with no parabens to keep your color intact, vibrant, and shiny longer.

Using this shampoo can help your color stick around for up to 9 weeks. As a professional shampoo, it’s commonly used in salons. It restores moisture and keeps your strands nourished and healthy to seal in color. And, yes, it’s pricey.

But with more than 16,700 reviews and an average of 5 stars, this is the one to get if you have color-treated hair. It’s going to save your color depth while toning it slightly and giving you more shine. To get the best results, pair it with the ColorLast conditioner.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

My first impressions of the Biolage Colorlast shampoo is that that the bottle is huge. That could be a good thing or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I personally hate running out of shampoo. So for me, it’s a plus.

Bottle of Biolage colorlast shampoo sitting on a counter. it's one of the best shampoos you can buy.

Nice branding, but small lid

The bottle shows a flower on it, which happens to be exactly what the product smells like. It’s muted, but pleasant, especially when lathered. It’s pH-balanced, which helps colored hair maintain its depth and tone.

Biolage Colorlast shampoo sitting on a granite counter with a measuring tape next to it

This bottle is big. Really big.

In a nutshell, the ingredients fall low on the ph scale, so it’s less abrasive, and rinses out easier, without stripping the hair of the coloring chemicals. Keep in mind that while we consider this to be the best shampoo for colored hair, it does contain sulfate.

A quick sample of the customer reviews confirms that this shampoo does what it’s supposed to: hydrate your hair without washing out color. If you go this route, make sure to buy the Colorlast conditioner as well.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

With over 16,000 positive customer reviews, there’s a reason this is the best shampoo for colored hair. If you’re looking for an effective color-treated shampoo and don’t mind the presence of sulfates, add this to your cart today.

4. Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo

Best for Curly Hair
Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl-Defining Anti-Frizz Shampoo
  • Smells SO GOOD
  • Sulfate and paraben free
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Unique blend of coconut milk and aloe
  • More expensive than normal shampoos
  • Relatively small bottle
  • More time needed to rinse the oils from your hair
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Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 5/5
  • Smell: 5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Total: 24/25


CGs (curly girls/curly guys) swear by Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo as THE shampoo for curly hair. It defines your natural curls, moisturizes the hair from root to tip, cuts frizz, and adds shine.

No more tangled mess when you get out of the shower! The ingredients sound like the makings of a healthy smoothie. Aloe vera, coconut milk, plumeria extract (which smells amazing), and papaya extract are used in this shampoo.

It’s 100% vegan and cruelty free. Plus, there are no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or any of the common nasties found in cheap shampoos.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

Out of all products on our best shampoo list, this one takes the cake. It smells like a coconutty-payapa. I love, love, love the smell. In fact, I had to stop typing to open the cap and smell it again.

Maui Curl Quench coconut oil shampoo on a granite counter

Nice but small square bottle

The bottle is a nice square shape, which you wouldn’t think would matter, until you knock it over. The only reason we didn’t give this a perfect score is because of the size. It’s pretty small, compared to other shampoos on the list.

You can get the bigger size for a few dollars more, which is the better deal. So be sure to upgrade if you pick this one. As for ingredients, we love that it’s sulfate free, and is largely coconut oil and aloe vera (both are proven to be good for hair and skin).

Maui moisture hair care for curly hair shampoo on the counter with a tape measure

Be sure to stock up. There’s not much product in here.

Keep in mind that because of the oils, you’ll need to spend more time rinsing that you’re probably used to.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

With a clean ingredient list, an addictive aroma, and a reasonable price, this is one the best shampoos on our list. While it’s great for curls, it’s also a great pick for anyone wanting a moisturizing shampoo that’ll work on all types of hair.

I’ve used this shampoo and truly believe it’s one of the best. That’s why we’re recommending this as the best buy on our list. So don’t wait any longer — put it in your cart now!

Tip: Don’t use too much of this shampoo. A little goes a long way! With the moisturizing formula, too much can leave your curls weighed down.

5. Best Shampoo for Oily Hair: OGX Extra Strength Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 5/5
  • Smell: 3/5
  • Reviews: 4/5
  • Versatility: 3/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Total: 20/25


If your hair is prone to getting oily, try OGX Extra Strength Tea Tree Mint Shampoo. Seriously! This is a cleansing shampoo that gives your scalp the most addictive tingling sensation when you use it.

That’s thanks to the burst of mint, witch hazel, and tea tree oil in the formula. This shampoo is on a mission to scrub away the lingering oils on your scalp and strands.

At the same time, it delivers balanced moisture that nourishes the hair without leaving a greasy residue behind. Not only will it remove the oily buildup from your hair, using it over time seems to make hair less oily overall.

It’s sulfate and paraben free and will turn your shower into a spa experience with the tingles and delicious scents. Follow with a conditioner on the ends to keep them from drying out too much.

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

When I took the OGX Extra Strength teatree mint shampoo out of the box, I was disappointed. I thought the bottle was really small. Then I turned it sideways and realized it’s actually bigger than it appears. Crisis averted.

OGX refreshing scalp and tee tree mint, one of the best shampoos

Nice round bottle. I don’t like the round cap.

Like the Maple Holistics product we mentioned above, this shampoo features tea tree oil. I personally don’t like the smell, so I gave it a 3. The aroma gives me strong mint and tea tree vibes, so it won’t be for everyone.

However, the presence of tea tree oil is important, as it has many antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. So the downside to the smell has many positive upsides, too.

OGX refreshing scalp and teatree mint shampoo

A cool 7 inches tall

One thing to note about this shampoo is that it also has menthol in it, which will cause your scalp to experience a bit of a stinging/cooling sensation. I personally really like the tingle, but it was quite unexpected the first time I tried the shampoo.

The lather is surprisingly effective for being paraben and sulfate free, and reviewers say that it lives up to its claims about leaving hair shiny. Keep in mind that this isn’t a super versatile shampoo, with reviews recommending users with natural hair to skip this shampoo.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great shampoo with a clean ingredient list that’ll invigorate your scalp, click the button above to buy. But if you don’t have naturally greasy hair, or don’t like the burning sensation every time you shower, try another product on our list.

6. Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair: Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Shampoo

Best for Thinning Hair
Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Sulfate-Free Hair Thickening Shampoo
  • Smells AMAZING
  • Protein-rich ingredients
  • Sulfate and paraben free
  • The bottle is nice to look at (weird, we know)
  • Little pricey (but well worth it)
  • Smell might be a little strong for some people
  • Not advertised as color safe
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Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 5/5
  • Smell: 4/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Total: 24/25


Thinning hair can really benefit from Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It’s loaded with natural proteins that latch onto the hair to make it look fuller, healthier, and more voluminous.

This is a wonderful option for anyone with thinning, limp, or fine hair that needs a boost. It’s formulated to be sulfate free and delivers tons of moisture to keep hair healthy.

Reviewers swear by this thickening shampoo to hide thinning areas or just make their hair appear fuller. Best part: It won’t dry your hair out like other thickening shampoos can!

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

After buying and reviewing the Marc Anthony Instantly Thick shampoo, you’ll see why this tops our list of the best shampoos on the market. Upon arrival to my house, I was drawn to the packaging.

marc anthony thick hair shampoo on a counter. Best shampoo for thin hair

Nice orange bottle. You can flip this bottle on its head.

As an editor, I’m a sucker for good branding, and something about the bottle was like a siren’s song to me. I couldn’t stop looking at it. But you don’t care about the branding, so I’ll get on with it.

The bottle was oval, which makes an accidental rollaway in the shower a nonexistent threat. Good touch. Also, it’s a smaller bottle, so we appreciated the ability to flip it upside down on its flat cap to maximize product usage. Big plus there too.

The smell has a slightly chemical aroma, but is overpowered by the citrusy-orange scent. It smells strong in the bottle, but once you wash and rinse, that smell goes away.

marc anthony thick hair shampoo next to a measuring tape on a granite counter

As tall as you’d expect a shampoo bottle to be

The ingredients list is mostly healthy and protein rich. While it’s not advertised as “color safe,” it’s free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, so it should be safe on colored hair, too.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

This product was an unexpected winner on our best shampoos list. It smells nice (though the smell is a bit strong directly from the bottle), is packed with proteins, and is free of harmful sulfates and parabens.

If you have thin hair, or are just looking for a shampoo that’ll make your hair shinier and keep your scalp moisturized, we think this is one of the best shampoos you can buy.

7. Best Shampoo for Hair Growth: Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo

Best for Nourishment
Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Rich in vitamins, plant extract, and proteins
  • Gigantic bottle
  • Thousands of positive user reviews
  • Pump bottle leaves product at the bottom
  • Not sulfate free
  • Has a hint of chemical smell (that goes away)
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Our Grade

  • Ingredients: 3/5
  • Smell: 4/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Total: 22/25


Sometimes, the drugstore brands really knock it out of the park. That’s the case with Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo. This is one of the best shampoo options for hair growth. Here’s what makes it stand out.

The formula contains ceramides, fruit proteins, B vitamins, and plant extracts to actually build and strengthen the hair from the inside out. If your hair is porous or weak, it fills gaps in the hair structure.

This makes the hair smooth and strong. And since weak hair tends to break off easily, this strengthening formula will result in longer hair that appears to grow faster thanks to less breakage.

Use it in tandem with a good conditioner to further strengthen your hair. If growth is your goal, you’ll be able to see results in a month or two. You’ll be able to see stronger, shinier, healthier hair after one use!

First Impressions, Pros and Cons

As with any generic brand of shampoo, the Garnier Fructis Grow Strong did not excite or disappoint me. It was pretty much exactly what I remember using in my youth (years ago, there were less brands to choose from).

Top pick for the best shampoo, garnier fructis shampoo sitting on the counter

A nice bottle with a hand pump

The bottle is nice, and again is an oval to avoid any accidental runaways in the shower or bath. The design is pretty good, but I don’t like the pump bottle, as these tend to waste product.

You can’t turn it upside down overnight because of the pump, and you also won’t get all the shampoo out of the bottle because of the design of the pump.

The smell is decent, but not great. Straight out of the bottle, it smells like a mix of chemicals and apples, but once you wash and rinse your hair, it turns into a pleasant apple smell. So no problem there.

Garnier Fructis (best shampoo pick) on a grey granite counter sitting next to a measuring tape

Just a warning, this bottle is huge

This shampoo is paraben free, but not sulfate free. So, keep that in mind before buying. The main ingredients are citrus proteins, B3 and B6, and fruit and plant extracts. These all work together to make your hair grow faster and strengthen it.

Second Opinion

Final Thoughts

This isn’t the best shampoo on our list, but is a great pick if you’re on a budget and want the best bang for your buck while also fortifying your hair. At just under $6 for a 33 oz shampoo, the value’s definitely there.

Compared to the Maui Moisture shampoo, it’s almost 1/3 of the cost. But, with every cost savings, there’s a tradeoff. And that happens to be the presence of sulfates.

So while it scores points for being paraben free, keep in mind it’s not all natural. Regardless, if you don’t care about sulfates and don’t want to spend a fortune on shampoo, Garnier Fructis products offer a happy medium and are worth a look.

Which Type of Shampoo Do I Need?

When every bottle of shampoo claims to have miraculous benefits for your hair, choosing the right one is hard. You need to consider the current state of your hair to find out which type of shampoo is going to work best for you.

But what’s your hair type? What is your hair abundant in and what is it missing? How do you want your hair to look and feel? We’ll show you how to determine your hair type so you can choose the right shampoo for your needs.

What Is Your Hair Type?

Different hair types on five women standing in a studio against gray background


Once you know what your hair has and what it’s lacking, you can actively look for shampoos that contain (or don’t contain) specific ingredients. 

Flat, Limp, or Lifeless Hair

Hair that tends to lie flat and limply hang from the head is in serious need of volume. Look for volumizing shampoos that are lightweight and promise increased body and volume.

Lightweight formulas make the most of your hair’s natural volume by not weighing the strands down. For the best results, pair with volumizing mousse, gel, or powder before styling. 

Dry, Flaky, or Itchy Scalp

Dry scalps are thirsty scalps. If you’re seeing flakes or experiencing a feeling of tightness or itching, choose a shampoo that delivers intense moisture to your scalp without overwhelming it.

We love natural oils in shampoos to treat a dry scalp. Formulas that contain tea tree oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil are great options. 

Color-Treated Hair

Color-treated hair must be shampooed with a paraben-free product. This prevents the color from being prematurely stripped off the hair. It’s also gentler on color-treated hair.

Color treatments do a bit of damage during the chemical process, which means you have to take better care of your hair afterwards if you want to maintain a healthy mane. If a shampoo says it’s color safe or for color-treated hair, check the ingredients to make sure there are no parabens on the list. 

Wavy, Curly, or Coily Hair

Different types of hair on a scale, from 1 to 4c

Tales of Stars/Shutterstock

Curls are more defined and less frizzy when they are adequately moisturized. If you have curly hair, you almost certainly need to end your shower with a deep conditioning treatment or a leave-in conditioner. But the shampoo you use can help out, too! Choose a moisturizing shampoo that won’t weigh curls down too much. 

Oily or Greasy Hair

Oily hair is caused by an overproduction of sebum (oil) from glands in the scalp. Some oil is needed, but too much causes the hair to look dirty and gross. Shampoo for oily hair should be lightweight, clarifying, and not labeled as moisturizing.

We like tea tree oil as an ingredient for shampoos targeting oily hair. Tea tree oil is antimicrobial so it keeps the hair clean and fresh longer between washes. 

Thinning or Patchy Hair

Thinning hair is a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be obvious. The right thickening shampoo can cover thinning areas by making individual hairs look fuller. Thickening shampoos should contain lots of proteins to build up the strands.

We like effective ingredients like fruit proteins, keratin, B vitamins, and collagen in a shampoo for thinning hair. Thickening shampoos are sometimes labeled as volumizing shampoo, so be sure to check ingredients for both types. 

Slow Growing Hair

Slow growing hair can be genetic, diet related, or it could be caused by weak hair that breaks off prematurely. If the latter is your problem, a strengthening shampoo is the solution for slow growing hair.

By building and repairing the strands of hair that are damaged and weak, these shampoos prevent breakage and help you notice more growth faster. Pair with a matching conditioner and take a multivitamin for the best benefits.

What’s the Best Shampoo?

An image of soap and shampoo sitting on the counter on a stack of towels

Igisheva Maria/Shutterstock

Hunting for a new shampoo can feel a little risky. Maybe the one you’re currently using isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad either, leaving you with little umph to search for a new one. However, we can say with full confidence that it is worth it to experiment with different shampoos.

Sometimes, the shampoos we use cause problems that we start to blame on our own hair. If you’re noticing that your hair seems dryer, thinner, frizzier, oilier, less curly, or more limp than before, your shampoo could be the culprit. The bottom line is that you don’t know what you’re missing or how great your hair can be until you change up your routine.

Switching things up is a lot easier and more comfortable when you have recommendations you can trust. Now that you know your hair type, you can match it to a shampoo on our list. Spend a few bucks to try the right shampoo – it could be the miracle your hair needs.