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Beeswax Benefits for Your Hair | 6 Pros & a Few Cons

Beeswax isn’t something most people immediately think of when they look for products to help their hair. However, the list of benefits of beeswax is surprising and can be quite beneficial for your hair. Read on to find out what beeswax can do. 

Why Consider Using Beeswax for Hair?

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Beeswax is often used for cosmetic purposes and dates back to ancient times, and it has been found to have numerous facial hair and hair benefits. If you’ve never heard of this before or haven’t researched beeswax, you probably have some questions, including: 

  • What is beeswax?
  • What are the beeswax benefits for hair?
  • How do you use beeswax?
  • Are there any downsides to using beeswax?

What Is Beeswax?

Beeswax is the wax removed straight from the honeycomb of a bee colony. The use of beeswax dates far back and has many benefits for the human body and skin. Most of the time, you’ll find beeswax for hair use in wax form. 

Not only is beeswax loaded with Vitamin A, which is linked to being known for moisturizing, but beeswax is known to have antioxidants and antibacterial benefits

Beeswax also offers a protective barrier within its properties to protect your hair from the environment. The protective environmental barrier also helps to hold in moisture while reducing dryness.

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The 6 Benefits of Beeswax for Hair

Beeswax can benefit your hair in more ways than one:

  1. Locks in moisture. The Vitamin A properties in beeswax and the protective barrier help to lock in moisture and keep your hair moisturized.
  2. Smooths strands. Beeswax has a great texture which works well for smoothing hair and taming unwanted flyaway hairs. You can even use beeswax to smooth your facial hair and keep your brow hairs in place. 
  3. Contains frizz. Beeswax is water soluble, which won’t allow humidity to set in your hair and cause uncontrollable frizz.
  4. Supports hair growth. Beeswax can encourage hair growth. A study conducted in 2016 found that using hair wax containing beeswax increased the length of participants’ hair within 30 days. The formula used did have other ingredients and no placebo effect, so it’s hard to determine if the beeswax specifically caused hair growth. 
  5. Supports long-wearing hairstyles. Beeswax is commonly used for dreadlocks because it’s important to get the hair to stay in place. If you want a styling product to help hold your hair in place, you can easily mix beeswax with butter or carrier oil to help keep your hairstyle in place. 
  6. Helps soothe dermatological conditions. Beeswax can help relieve some symptoms of dermatological conditions of the scalp, such as psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema. 

Beeswax is generally suitable for most hair types, especially curly and kinky textured hair. However, you should be cautious about using beeswax on fine hair. 

How to Use Beeswax on Your Hair

The best way to apply beeswax to your hair is with your hands. Applying beeswax while your hair is damp can make the application easier since the product is so sticky and thick. Here are some things to remember when using beeswax for your hair.

  • Limit use. You shouldn’t use beeswax more than two times a week. Using it often could cause a build-up of wax in your hair since beeswax doesn’t dissolve in water.
  • Use sparingly. Limit the amount of beeswax you apply to your hair at a time and use the build-up method until you achieve your desired result.
  • Protect your hair while sleeping. By wearing a headscarf or covering while sleeping. It will help protect your smooth-looking hair and reduce how often you need to use beeswax.
  • Remove beeswax the proper way. It can be difficult to remove from your hair, so do so carefully. Using an olive oil soak before washing your hair with dish soap is recommended. Make sure to follow with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

Downsides to Using Beeswax on Your Hair

Now that we’ve discussed the positive benefits of beeswax, there are a few downsides to be aware of. 

  • Wax Build-Up. A concern of those using beeswax is over the build-up of wax in their hair. The beeswax can easily build up in your hair, so it’s recommended to use it sparingly.  
  • Sticky Residue. Beeswax is a thick and sticky substance. When using beeswax to style your hair, you want to use caution. Not only is it sticky on your hands, but if you get it on your clothes or furniture, it can be a pain to get out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does beeswax clog pores?

No, beeswax doesn’t clog pores, so it’s okay if you accidentally get a little on your face. In addition, beeswax is known to help soothe certain scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema.

If I’m allergic to bees, can I use beeswax?

You should avoid beeswax or any type of bee pollen if you have an allergy to bee pollen or bee venom.

Why do people use black beeswax?

Black beeswax is a type of available beeswax that gives your hair a dark tint when used. Often, people use black beeswax to shine certain hairstyles, such as dreadlocks or braids.

Is beeswax good for low porosity hair?

No, beeswax is not good for hair that has low porosity. Certain products like beeswax, butter, and oils can leave your hair thin, greasy, and oily.

Can beeswax be used for hair removal?

Yes, beeswax can be used for hair removal. Beeswax is one of the most common ingredients in hair removal waxes, and you can easily make your own hair removal wax at home.

Is beeswax good for frizzy hair?

Yes! For frizzy hair, start at the ends and work your way up. Avoid putting beeswax directly on your scalp, as this can cause buildup and grease to develop faster.

Does beeswax wash out of hair?

Yes. It may take a few shampoo washes or specialized removal with apple cider vinegar or dish soap. It will wash out, you just have to be patient and persistent.

Is it okay to put wax on wet hair?

It’s better to put wax on dry hair rather than wet hair. Putting it on wet hair makes it harder for the wax to stick, and it could slide right off. Applying wax to dry hair will make sure you get all the benefits it provides while not wasting your product.

Does Beeswax expire?

No! As long as your store your beeswax properly, you will be able to use it until it is gone. To store beeswax, place it in a dry, room temperature area. Try to keep it away from light, as light can cause it to melt. If you have a large block of wax, you can chop it into pieces for easy storage.

So, What Are Beeswax Benefits for Hair?

Beeswax is a long-time all-natural ingredient that you can easily use to style your hair with many benefits. Of course, you have to be very careful when using beeswax so that you don’t overdo it or cause damage to your hair from wax build-up. 

We bet with all the many benefits we covered today that you will want to try beeswax for yourself, and you will love this product just as much as we do!