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10 Badass Viking Hairstyles for Women We Love in 2024

Ah, the classic Viking hairstyle. This classic style blends traditional braids with a scruffy aesthetic that screams ” I’m a badass” to anyone who sees. Read on to see our favorite takes on this style and things to consider.

What Is the Viking Hairstyle?

Want to travel back in time? Brush up on your Norse mythology to get ready for these stunning Viking hairstyles fit for a maiden in the midst of battle. Even though the Vikings sailed long ago, they’re still very much alive in today’s popular culture.

Look no further than Marvel’s Thor, a contemporary recreation of a Norse god, or the historical drama series appropriately titled Vikings. On top of that, Viking-inspired styles have always been a staple of the fantasy genre.

Of course, the “Viking” we think of today isn’t entirely accurate, but there’s a reason the romanticized version has stuck around, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Many stylists have fused traditional Viking traditions with modern techniques to create unique hairstyles.

Viking hair refers to hairstyles that the Viking people of Scandinavia have been depicted wearing. Viking women in particular are recorded as having long and often braided hair, and those records serve as the foundation for these styles.

Of course, we don’t know exactly what their hair looked like, but thanks to plenty of Viking-centric media, we’ve developed a Viking aesthetic that’s not going anywhere. So while these looks aren’t completely accurate, they certainly channel the Viking spirit.

These styles definitely aren’t for everyday wear, but when the occasion rises, it can be a lot of fun to sport one of these elaborate hairstyles. And if you like braided hairstyles, you’ll love these styles, as Viking cut often involve detailed braids.

15 of the Best Viking Hairstyles for Women

We’ve put together this guide to show off 15 incredible Viking hairstyles that will allow you to channel your inner warrior. If you’re in need of some Norse-style inspiration, look no further thank our style guide. We’ve rounded up our favorite styles below.

1. Shield Maiden Braids

Shield Maiden Braids viking hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

This is a quintessential female Viking look that features several types of braids working together to create an intricate hairstyle.

From the large braid on the crown of the head to the smaller braids that wrap around the head, these plaits mean business. This is a great old-meets-new style that encapsulates the classic Viking appearance.

2. Decorated Braids

Decorated braids viking hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Here’s a similar look that uses braid decorations to add an extra touch of style. The plaits on the sides of the head have barrel-style beads that lie across the weaves of the braids for a lattice effect. There are also some other beads placed throughout the hair to accentuate some of the smaller braids.

3. Torvi Braids

Torvi Braids viking hairstyle idea

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Inspired by the popular series Vikings, this detailed look evokes the hairstyles worn by the character Torvi. Featuring rows of beaded braids and one large central braid that opens up to a cascade, this style has a lot going for it. The detail is incredible, and while this will take a while to achieve, the result is worth it.

4. Viking Fishtail

Viking Fishtail braids hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

The fishtail braid is a popular type of braid, and while it’s usually associated with contemporary styles, it looks fantastic with Viking hairstyles.

The large braid creates a bit of dramatic flair, and the abundance of beads solidifies the Viking vibe. Despite how involved it looks, this is remarkably easy to achieve since it’s really just a few simple braids working together.

5. Freydis Waves

Freydis Waves viking hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

This is another style that takes inspiration from the show Vikings. This time around, the hairstyle comes from the character Freydis, who is often seen sporting extremely long and wavy hair.

The light grey-blonde color is an integral part of this style, as it’s the hair color most often associated with Viking women. This is a great choice if you want a Viking-inspired hairstyle that you can wear everyday. (Note: The bird is optional.)

6. Viking Mohawk

Viking Mohawk hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

If Vikings had worn mohawks, they probably would have looked something like this. The large braid in the middle has a ton of volume and creates a mohawk-esque outline that goes all the way from the fringe to the back of the head. And, of course, there are side braids with plenty of beads and decorations.

7. Two-Toned Viking

Viking Mohawk hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Here’s a cool way to merge the Viking look with present-day styles. The two-toned hair features larger pull-through braids for a bold result that shows off both of the hair’s colors. The top of the hair shows off the black, while the long braids are almost completely brown.

8. Woven Braids

Two-Toned Viking hairstyle

beautybykortt on Instagram

Sometimes, you need to pull out all the stops. This crazy detailed hairstyle spares no expense with its many eye-catching features.

These braids overlap and boast numerous jewels and beads that make the hair nothing short of extravagant. And if that weren’t enough, those smaller braids flow into a large braid that can be worn to one side for a touch of asymmetry.

9. Viking Volume

Viking hairstyle with ample volume

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

As you can probably tell from the styles we’ve looked at thus far, Viking ladies were known for having lots of hair. Usually, that means more length.

But it’s not uncommon for Viking hairstyles to have more volume. This hairstyle has a bit of both—there’s a lot of sheer length here, but there’s also tons of volume that allows the hair to spread out.

10. Multi Braid

Multi Braid Viking Hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Still haven’t had enough braids? Then take a gander at this multi-braid style that has everything from tiny fishtail braids to humongous pull-throughs. It maintains the typical structure of a Viking braided hairstyle, but the braid types are more diverse, which gives this style a vibe all its own.

11. Lagertha Plaits

Lagertha Plaits Viking Haircut

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Here we have yet another style inspired by Vikings. Modeled after the warrior Lagertha, this hairstyle features a multitude of small plaits bunched up at the top of the head to create a sort of braided quiff. The gold decorations on the side add a ton of Viking style to this already fierce look.

12. Viking Flow

Viking Flow hairstyle

beautybykortt on Instagram

Long and flowing, this Viking hairstyle is both confident and elegant. A large braid is almost camouflaged among long hair that drapes past the shoulders while small braids trail from the sides. The braids here have a nice variety of sizes to create different textures and a sense of depth.

13. Neon Viking

Neon red and black Viking hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Is “punk Viking” a thing? If not, it certainly is now. This black and pink hairstyle is perhaps the boldest look on this list, and that’s saying something!

The large braid also creates that mohawk effect, which provides extra punk points. Even without the dye, this is an intimidating Viking style that’s loads of fun.

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14. Viking Infinity Braids

Viking Infinity Braids Hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Here’s another example of how to combine Viking style with modern techniques. This is an infinity braid (which is like a fishtail braid) combined with a milkmaid braid and overall wavy hair. The combination of the braids is what gives this hairstyle its Viking appearance.

15. Rope Braids

Rope Braids Viking Hairstyle

victoryrollsbridalhair on Instagram

Last but not least, here’s an intricate braided hairstyle fit for both a maiden and a warrior. The braids are interwoven in such a way that they get smaller as they descend, which is both stylish and satisfying. Finally, the hair ends in a big ponytail that provides extra volume.

Things to Consider

Viking hairstyles are cool, and there’s no doubt about that. However, because these styles are often so complex, they require some consideration.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether a Viking hairstyle is for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will hopefully help guide you to a decision:

  • Viking hairstyles are high-effort, but they’re not permanent. This is one of the biggest benefits of Viking hairstyles. Since most of these styles are just series of braids, you don’t have to make any long-term modifications to your hair. This makes it easy to rock a Viking look on a Sunday and head back to the office with normal hair on a Monday.
  • Work with someone who knows their braids. For a great Viking hairstyle, it’s important to choose a stylist who is experienced in braiding. Typical Viking styles involve several different types of braids, so if your stylist doesn’t have that much of a track record with braids, you might not get the best result.
  • Is length a problem? Try extensions. Viking styles technically look best with natural hair, but if you want to get serious length without spending months growing your hair out, try some braided extensions. They’re dead simple and will give you lots of length in no time at all.

Is the Viking Hairstyle Right for You?

Viking hairstyles are lots of fun, and there’s nothing quite like them. They’re especially great for cosplaying or LARPing. And even if you like more “normal” hairstyles, you can get a lot of inspiration from the great braids that are used in Viking styles.

Whether you’re new to the Viking vibe or experienced in the ways of the shield maiden, we hope this list gave you a healthy dose of old-world inspiration.

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