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Blonde and Brunette Iconic Duos to Know in 2024

Blonde and brunette are two of the most beautiful hair colors in the world, and it’s impossible to deny the amount of drama and style you can get out of either of them.

So if you’re looking for a great way to shake up your look and need solid inspiration, these blonde and brunette iconic duos can help. 

5 Iconic Blonde and Brunette Duos

These blonde and brunette iconic duos have some of the most memorable hair and style on the planet. Best of all, you can achieve their classic looks and transform your hair from blah to beautiful in just a few steps.

1. Lillian and Annie

Lillian and Annie are the classic best friend team from Bridesmaids, a raucous comedy that turns the wedding trope on its head. Although Lillian and Annie are gorgeous in their own way, they have different styles of hair.


Lillian is a stunning bride with mid-length brown hair styled with a deep part and plenty of luscious round curls. Get her look with a dark, cinnamon brown hair color and plenty of product. You’ll need some volume to mimic the curls and some good spray to keep them in place all day long.


Annie’s shoulder-skimming blonde hair may look effortless and straightforward, but it has a lot going on. You will need chunky highlights, a golden but not too light hue, and plenty of layers to achieve this ultimate blonde style.

A flatiron and some setting spray are also musts. Lillian and Annie might have just defined cool girl chic in the 2000s, but there are plenty of other duos on our list that continue to make waves. 

2. Rachel and Monica

Rachel and Monica of Friends fame were two style-setters in the 1990s, with Rachel’s hair becoming a nationwide sensation. This blonde and brunette iconic duo always had each others’ backs as they navigated life in the Big Apple, and they looked stylish and fabulous doing it.


Every 90’s girl wanted hair like Rachel, and it’s easy to understand why. “The Rachel,” as it was known, was a complete blowout with ends curved into the face.

Although this look might be a touch dated now, it was everything in 1995. Additionally, you can make the look fresher by making your Rachel a bit messy.


Monica’s hair underwent several changes throughout the series, but it was always sleek, dark brown, and shiny. Get Monica’s signature look with regular conditioning treatments and hair oils. You can also go for the early series Monica bob with a short blowout and full bangs. 

3. Cher and Dionne

Clueless’ Cher and Dionne were high school royalty in the 1990s. Their hair and outfits inspired a generation. What’s even better is that their hairstyles stand the test of time and are just as wearable today as they were 30 years ago. 


Cher had the ultimate honey-blond blowout. Of course, you need healthy hair to start with, so make sure that yours is in peak shape before trying to tap into your inner Cher.

Once your hair is healthy, rub some leave-in conditioner into it and then blow dry with a diffuser. Once it’s done, put some oil in your hair, and you’re ready to go.


Dionne’s box braids will go down in history as one of the most legendary hairstyles of all time. While Cher was stylish, Dionne was next-level with gorgeous, sleek box braids, hats.

And of course, you can’t forget her classic mini-skirt and jacket combination. Although you can get Dionne’s trademark braids at home, it’s best if you visit a salon for professional results.

4. Betty and Veronica

Betty and Veronica jumped straight out of the comic books and onto the little screen in Riverdale, but they didn’t lose their looks. Instead, this brunette and blonde team just got a small update for the new millennium.


Veronica’s look revolves around super-shiny shoulder-length hair. As with Cher, you need a very healthy base to be able to pull this one off properly, so do your due diligence.

It’s not a bad idea to get a keratin treatment or use hot oil on your hair before attempting this transformation. Then, you need some bangs and plenty of long layers for movement and style.


Betty’s hair is another deceptively complicated look that appears simple on the surface until you try it at home. With her deep blonde ponytail, Betty avoids veering into sloppy unkempt territory thanks to tons of polish.

To mimic her look, you’ll need a slicked-back pony with no flyaways and a long, glossy tail on the end. 

5. Garth and Wayne

Garth and Wayne from Wayne’s World might not be style icons, but it’s impossible to discount their contributions to pop culture. Wayne’s World spawned a million references and offshoots and made slackers cool. So if you’re looking for some laid-back, semi-ironic inspiration, they’re it.


Wayne’s deep brown mullet might be casual, but it’s also very well maintained. You can upgrade it with a long, layered look and wear Wayne’s trademark cap to enhance things. While this look is good down, you can also pull it into a half or full ponytail.


Similar to Wayne, Garth has a blonde mullet that looks smashing with his prominent glasses. Make sure your hair is super healthy and cut into long layers to emulate this look; otherwise, it can seem a little sloppy.

One of the benefits you get from long layers is that they tend to grow out nicely, so the Wayne and Garth look is excellent for low-maintenance people.

These blonde and brunette iconic duos can give you some serious inspiration on your style journey. However, there are also a few other things to remember when choosing the look that’s right for you:

  • What your workplace is like
  • Your personal style
  • How much money and time you have to spend on your hair
  • Your hair’s texture

You can also use one of these style icons as inspiration and build a unique look from there. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with picking several icons from our list and creating a solid look from several sources. The choice is up to you.

Tips for Successfully Going Blonde or Brunette

If you’ve decided to use one of these blonde and brunette iconic duos for inspiration, there are plenty of ways that you can get a phenomenal look without damaging your hair. With these tips and tricks, your hair will look phenomenal, whether it’s honey blonde or luxe brown.

Consider Professional Treatments

Although maintaining brunette hair is a little bit easier at home, you should consider going to a salon if you’re looking to make a fairly big change in your style or if your hair is damaged.

Go every six weeks for the best results and don’t forget to get a trim to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible. It’s important to remember that the more you color your hair, the more damaged it will be in the long run.

If you decide to go for a prominent and high-maintenance shade like blonde, work in several different hair treatments to keep your locks lustrous and healthy. Keratin and deep conditioning treatments are two stellar ways to protect your locks.

Don’t Overcommit

If you’re unsure if the transformation is for you, do a semi-permanent or temporary dye. You can also look for celebrities with similar skin tones and eye color to see how they look as a blonde or brunette. Celebrities will often change between the two colors, so there’s a good chance you can get pictures of both.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

There’s a hot new hair color that’s making waves in fashion and beauty at the moment; bronde. Bronde is a sun-kissed combination of blonde and brown hair colors, and you can find countless examples of bronde celebrities whose looks you can mimic.

Bronde might just be the best of all worlds, and the way you can have all the style aspects of these blonde and brunette duos.

Go Slowly If You’re Making a Drastic Change

If you want to transition between two polar opposite shades, consider doing it in stages. That way, your hair has time to recover in between, and you can get used to your new look before changing to a totally lighter color.

It’s also a good idea to avoid drastic DIY transformations, especially if you’re going lighter. Instead, visit a trusted salon to get their thoughts on it. Usually, salons have better color protectant treatments and conditioners that can shield your hair from too much damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering making a significant change to your hairstyle, or want to learn more about the pros and cons of going blonde or brunette, these frequently asked questions and answers are for you.

Is it easier to maintain blonde or brunette hair?

Generally speaking, it’s easier to maintain brunette hair rather than blonde hair. This is because brunette hair doesn’t fade as quickly, and most people won’t have to touch up the roots as often. Although blonde hair is slightly more challenging to keep looking fresh, it’s not as hard as red.

How do I know if I should be blonde or brown?

There are plenty of different apps that you can download to show you whether blonde or brown looks best with your skin tone. You can also do a strand test to see how the shade looks in real life. So although you don’t know how brown or blonde will look on you until you dye your hair, you can make an educated guess.

Is it possible to have both blonde and brunette hair?

In a short answer, yes. One of the ways to achieve this dual balance is to do chunky blonde highlights on brunette hair or vice versa. You can also do a balayage, which gives you a sun-kissed look that combines both blond and brown.

How easy is it to transition between blonde and brunette?

Most people can transition between brunette and blonde, and vice versa, but you should be careful going between very dark and very light. Not only can transitioning from deep brown to platinum blonde be jarring, but it can also cause your hair tons of trauma.

What’s a more attractive hair color, blonde, or brunette?

Although the old saying goes that blondes have more fun, brunettes can enjoy life just as much and look fantastic doing it. The best way to gauge which hair color is best for you is to find celebrity pictures, use an app, or do a strand test.

So, What Are Some Famous Blonde and Brunette Iconic Duos?

There are tons of blonde and brunette iconic duos in pop culture. From Friends’ Monica Geller and Rachel Green to rock-slackers Wayne and Garth, you don’t have to go far to find inspiration for your next look. Whatever you decide on, do try out one of these fabulous brunette and blonde looks.