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The 7 Best Deep Conditioners for Relaxed Hair in 2024

Finding the best deep conditioner for relaxed hair can be a challenge. There are dozens of options for various hair types, conditions, and modifications. Read on to learn more about deep conditioners and narrow down your search.

What’s the Best Deep Conditioner for Relaxed Hair?

The best deep conditioner varies depending on your hair care needs and other essential considerations. For example, some people may wish to go with a cruelty-free variety, while others may not find these necessary parts of their choice for the best deep conditioner. Our seven choices for deep conditioners can help you find the best one for your hair type.

Our Top 7 Picks

A deep conditioner is most often a salon service but can be done in as little as ten minutes at home. Deep conditioner requires a deep conditioning product to be applied to your hair and left on for up to 30 minutes.

A deep condition smooths, nourishes, and makes your hair as supple as possible. Products online to give your hair the deep treatment it requires. These seven products are our top seven picks for relaxed hair, frayed hair, and other hair conditions.

  1. Best Overall: Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask
  2. Best for Thick, Dry Hair: Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
  3. Best for Damaged Hair: Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask
  4. Best for Colored Hair: Garnier Whole Blends Color Care Mask
  5. Best for Curly Hair: Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Hair Mask
  6. Best for Long Hair: Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask
  7. Best for Bleached or Permed Hair: Davines NOUNOU Conditioner

These top seven of our picks have various benefits. These products have a wide range of benefits for different hair types, but they are also deeply nourishing to all hair types. Using one of our seven top picks, you can benefit from supple and smooth hair.

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Why You Need a Deep Conditioner for Relaxed Hair

Woman who desperately needs a deep conditioner for relaxed hair looking at her split ends


You may be thinking, “why should I use a deep conditioner when I already use conditioner when I shower?” A deep conditioner is different than a typical conditioner. A deep conditioner can couple with heat to give your hair a renewed, smooth look and feel.

Your hair can suffer a lot over a year. Straighteners, heat, blow dryers, and aerosol sprays can wreak havoc on your hair follicles and the smoothness of your hair strands.

Additionally, chemically altering your hair can have a significant and damaging impact on your hair. Your hair can become brittle, dry, and even fall out after using harsh chemicals on your hair.

Having brittle and dry hair is particularly concerning because your hair may fall out by just brushing it out. Hair often becomes so fragile that it falls out after bleaching. A deep conditioner can help return your hair to its former glory, restore its softness, and leave you feeling – and looking – luxurious.

Furthermore, using hair products and cosmetics can assist in treating scalp conditions like alopecia, among other scalp disorders. Different deep conditioners can help dermatologists learn more about scalp conditions and find solutions for those who wish to battle their effects.

Using a deep conditioner several times a month can restore your hair. Those with dry or brittle hair are encouraged to deep condition at least once a week, while others may desire treatment only two or three a month.

Best 7 Deep Conditioners for Relaxed Hair in 2024

Consumer reviews and testing play a significant role in finding the best deep conditioners. Many people leave shining reviews for our top seven deep conditioners for all hair types, including relaxed hair.

Deep conditioners for relaxed hair are the same as those recommended for dry, brittle, and damaged hair. So, if you need a deep conditioner for curly, straight, or other kinds of hair, you’ll find a product on our list that fits all of your needs.

1. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask

Best Overall
Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner
  • Does not leave an oily feel.
  • Available in 8.45 and 3.4 ounces for a lesser price.
  • Works to fight frizz and improve hair shine.
  • Product has an intense fragrance.
  • May remove some color from colored hair.
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This thick formula is made with castor oil and biotin protein, which can repair damaged hair. Additionally, this formula has keratin, which can boost thin, damaged, or curly hair. This hair mask is thick and packed with vitamins, minerals, and everything needed to nourish your hair.

While most buyers sing this product’s praises and claim that Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask made their hair supple and soft, many have complaints about the strong smell. Some buyers have claimed that the smell can be a little overpowering, especially in small rooms, and can leave them feeling nauseous.

Users have added photos of before and after pictures, comparing their damaged and frayed ends from bleaching and chemical alterations to show that this product has visibly softened and healed much of the damaged hair.

2. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

Best for Thick, Dry Hair
Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
  • Great for thick, coarse, and dry hair.
  • Scented like vanilla, peaches, and hyacinths.
  • Hydrates hair deeply and reduces fragility by 80%.
  • Not ideal for detangling.
  • Very thick formula, making it difficult to apply.
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The Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm has a scent made with vanilla, peach, orange, and melon. These scents work together with other ingredients to control frizz and hydrate hair. This deep conditioner treatment is perfect for thick, dry hair and can repair plenty of damage.

This moisture recovery treatment is a very thick formula that many consumers have discussed not enjoying. Nevertheless, the thick formula has made it possible for many buyers to enjoy shiny, nourished, and supple hair.

Notably, there are several listed complaints from buyers about how hard the formula is to even apply, so applying the formula to your most damaged areas and dispersing the formula over the rest of your hair is recommended.

Additionally, many buyers have mentioned being unhappy about the product coming with only one (1) eight-ounce bottle of deep conditioning treatment while the listing shows several bottles. Be advised that this product is simply an eight-ounce bottle for a deep conditioning treatment.

Aside from the thickness of the formula and the singular bottle received, buyers sing the praises of this product. Many buyers claim this is worth every dollar spent on the product, that it is perfect for curly hair, and that their hair feels much more moist and supple after using it.

Some buyers have mentioned that their hair needed several treatments to see significant results. So try using this deep conditioning treatment for a month to see the full effects of this product. 

3. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask

Best for Damaged Hair
Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask
  • Offers deep replenishment in only five to seven minutes.
  • No heat is required.
  • Rich in protein that heals hair from chemical alteration.
  • Long ingredient label.
  • Must be removed after seven minutes.
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This eight-ounce product is made with a gentle-smelling Moroccan oil and offers a medium-thick formula. This argan oil formula can be applied in just five minutes and uses amber and musk scents to provide a pleasant product.

Buyers are vastly positive about this product, with 81% leaving a five-star review. Buyers have noted feeling nervous about this product beforehand but are convinced it’s perfect for them after trying it.

Others, however, are anxious about the authenticity of this product and don’t like the idea that it may be outsourced to somewhere where the ingredients are not native.

Additionally, some buyers have mentioned that the formula appears to be different than they remember, with a more pungent odor and an unfamiliar texture.

Buyers have voiced concerns that this product has not given their bleached and frayed hair a chance, but many consumers with unaltered hair have claimed that it has worked wonders for them.

4. Garnier Whole Blends Color Care Mask

Best for Colored Hair
Garnier Whole Blends Color Care Mask
  • Inexpensive product.
  • Softens hair.
  • Pleasant scent with argan oil and cranberry extract.
  • Does not repair damaged, dry, or chemically altered hair.
  • Long ingredient label with artificial colors.
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This product comes from a dependable brand in haircare and has a thin formula for easy application. This formula uses argan oil and cranberry extract, leaving a pleasant scent and nourishing effect on hair.

Buyers who have damaged, frayed, or chemically altered hair will not benefit much from this product. Buyers have indicated that they had little success with this product and that this formula did nothing for their chemically altered hair.

Additionally, there are many consumer complaints about the watery formula. Usually, hair masks and deep conditioners are thick, but this product lacks thickness and viscosity. This causes some buyers to have doubts about its effectiveness.

Only about 65% of people were content with this product, leaving a large margin for improvement. Regardless, this product does well for those who want their hair to be softer and smoother and have no other issues with their hair needs.

5. Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Hair Mask

Best for Curly Hair
Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Hair Mask
  • Inexpensive formula.
  • Perfect for curly and coily hair.
  • Pleasant mango and coconut oil scent.
  • Contains alcohol as an ingredient.
  • Very heavy on the hair.
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This product has a thick formula but a very short ingredient label. This formula uses simple ingredients like coconut, mango, and murumuru that nourish and replenish hair.

Buyers are very impressed with this product and its short ingredient label. Those looking for a natural product and enjoying the natural scent of mango may find themselves enthralled with this product like other buyers.

However, some buyers are not happy with the thickness of the formula and indicate that the formula is very heavy on their hair and head.

6. Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask

Best for Long Hair
Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair
  • Sulfate-free.
  • Inexpensive product.
  • Hydrates, controls frizz, and nourishes hair.
  • Long ingredient label with synthetic ingredients.
  • Not ideal for thin hair.
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This formula is ideal for dry and damaged hair and uses caffeine to assist in expedient hair treatment. Additionally, this product is sulfate-free and contains hair-repairing keratin.

Buyers appear to be mostly happy with this product but indicate that the product comes without a seal, which makes many buyers nervous. Nevertheless, many buyers have found plenty of success with repairing damaged hair using this product. 

7. Davines NOUNOU Conditioner

Best for Bleached/Permed Hair
Davines NOUNOU Deep Conditioner
  • Ideal for chemically altered hair.
  • Repairs relaxed hair.
  • Restores moisture to hair.
  • Very expensive.
  • Does not come with a seal.
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This eight-ounce product offers powerful detangling properties and hydrates hair that has been chemically altered. This formula can leave hair smoother in just five minutes. Buyers love that this company is family-owned and cruelty-free.

More than 70% of buyers are happy with this product and thoroughly enjoy the luxurious benefits it gives. 

Although many buyers adore this product, many are dissatisfied with the high price tag and the packaging. One user calls the packaging “cheap and flimsy,” suggesting that the high price of the product should accompany better packaging. 

Finding the Best Deep Conditioner for Relaxed Hair

Best deep conditioner for relaxed hair in a tub next to a brown wooden comb

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There are several considerations when choosing the best deep conditioner for you.

Consider Your Hair Type

Curly hair will not require the same product as straight hair. Carefully evaluate the type of hair you have and browse products for your hair type.

Consider Your Hair Needs

Dry and brittle hair that has been bleached will need special attention than unaltered hair. Consider the needs of your hair to find the best product.

Consider Your Hair History

Have you colored, bleached, or put harmful chemicals near your hair follicles? Consider what kinds of chemicals you have used in the past and choose according to your hair treatment history. Your follicles may need special attention to recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black woman who needs the best deep conditioner for relaxed hair looks at a comb


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about deep conditioners.

Should I avoid products with alcohol on the ingredient label?

Yes, alcohol is very drying to your hair.

How often should I deep condition?

You should deep condition at least twice every month, but those with damaged hair may wish to deep condition every week.

Should you condition after using a deep conditioner?

You will not need to condition your hair after using a deep conditioner.

Do I need to use heat with a deep conditioner?

Some products may instruct you to add heat with a blow dryer, but most do not require it. Always consult the instructions on your product.

Should I choose coconut oil-based products?

Coconut oil can moisturize and nourish your hair. Choosing products with coconut oil can boost your haircare routine.

So, What’s the Best Deep Conditioner for Relaxed Hair?

The best overall deep conditioner for relaxed hair is Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask. This mask will not only target damaged, broken, and dry hair, but it will also make your hair shine and feel softer to the touch. However, anything else on our list will do the trick as well.