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Ever seen a sticker urging you to review a business on Tripadvisor or Yelp? There’s a reason businesses display these calls to action; the more reviews a business has, the more customers trust it. And whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably fallen for this simple marketing ploy.

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The Problem

As humans, we seek third-party validation from others, especially when it comes to fashion and money. This subconscious trait is why apps like Instagram and Facebook became industry juggernauts.

Smart business owners use human psychology to benefit their bottom line while also delivering a positive customer or client experience. As a salon owner or stylist, you need to be thinking ahead, and simply using Instagram won’t cut it.

Think about this — over 85% of people begin their product search online. If your web presence is lacking, you aren’t maximizing your reach. That means less clients, appointments, and (most importantly) money in your pocket.

Our Solution

Our product is simple: we’ve built a huge database of salons, stylists, and chains to pair you with potential clients. Every day, users enter their location and sort the results by proximity and rating. This means daily opportunities to get more leads, completely free of charge.

However, if your profile or ratings are low, they might not see you. But don’t get discouraged. Instead, be proactive. Encourage your existing clients to review your business on our site. This increases your chances of getting more leads. Simple as that.

How It Works

1. Create a Profile

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2. Add a Salon

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3. Post a Decal


3. Ask for a Review

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Have a Website?

Once you’ve set up your profile and encouraged your clients to review your business, you need to finish strong. Fortunately for you, we can help. Our team created a way for you to easily share those hard-earned reviews on your own website. In real-time, nonetheless.

When you put our badge on your site, you’re not just signaling to clients that you’re a featured salon. You’re also proving that everything you do goes above and beyond. Plus, why stop at just a decal when we have more free tools to help boost your leads?

This badge gives you the social proof you need to build trust with your clients. Even better? It’s completely free. Simply click the “Get Embed Code” button on your listing, pick a size and color, copy the HTML code, and embed it on your site. It’s that easy!