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Ted Cruz Haircut | “What the Hell?” Was Our Reaction!

Find out what’s up with the Ted Cruz haircut that’s got everyone cracking up. Hint: It’s business in the front with a little (Republican) party in the back. Take a minute to “mullet” over. It’s pretty darn unique.

Ted Cruz’s New Haircut

Image Titled Trending Style Ted Cruz Haircut featuring his mullet

Image Source: Twitter

It’s fair to say that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a pretty polarizing guy you either love him or hate him. But his daring new haircut is giving us all something we can agree on.

Before the Haircut

The ted cruz haircut before he decided to rock a mullet

Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

Earlier this year, he was seen sporting a questionable hairstyle at former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. The Texas Republican’s new ‘do appeared to be all business in the front and party in the back.

After the Haircut

Ted Cruz Mullet Haircut

Source: Twitter

That’s right. Ted Cruz was sporting a mullet. Shaved sides, slicked back top, long back yep, it’s the mullet trifecta. And people noticed. They made some jokes about the almost-unbelievably-ridiculous Ted Cruz haircut.

Dan Carson of the Houston Chronicle said “…sometimes a man wakes up, looks in the mirror, and says “We’re selling hotdogs today.” And they grab destiny by the clippers.”

At Least He Has a Sense of Humor

SNL’s Weekend Update didn’t miss a chance to analyze the unexpected mullet when it was first seen earlier this year: 

  • “What happened here? He looks like he’s selling fireworks out of the back of an El Camino.”
  • “Look, I know there are probably bigger things happening in the world, but can we talk about Ted Cruz’s hair, for like an hour?”
  • “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this guy handcuffed, crying on a curb in Cops.”
  • “I mean, what are you doing, man? You’re a senator, not the manager of a paintball range.”

And you can bet that the good people of the Twitterverse had a laugh. Here are a few cheeky tweets that were too good not to share:

Image of Ted Cruz's new haircut and Twitter having a hayday roasting it

Image Source: Twitter

Image of Ted Cruz's new haircut and Twitter having a hayday roasting it

Image Source: Twitter

Looking at the mullet, it’s hard to imagine how this could’ve happened. Surely Ted’s wife, Heidi Cruz, or his children, or an aide, or even a random, well-meaning passerby would’ve told him the mullet wasn’t the right choice.

But no one dared interfere with Ted’s uniquely redneck form of self expression. As it turns out, the mullet may have been the easily-avoidable result of Cruz’ weeks-long self-quarantine in his Houston home earlier this year. Ted told reporters

“Heidi [wife] was laughing at me. She said if I went much longer I was going to be sporting a full-on mullet.”

Apparently that’s exactly what he did.

The mullet didn’t seem to last long there’s only one good photo circulating of it online. It’s unclear whether he actually shaved the sides or if the gray hair in that area made it appear that way for the photo.

Either way, Ted tried to be a good sport and capitalize on the craze by selling Spring Break gear with his infamous hairstyle plastered on the front.

Ted Cruz Haircut merch

Image Source: Ted Cruz Merch Site

The laughter eventually died down to a dull roar, but there’s since been another spike in searches about the “Ted Cruz haircut.”

When he visited Dallas’ Salon a la Mode for a haircut at the beginning of the summer, owner Shelley Luther gave him his first haircut in 3 months. It wasn’t another mullet, but Ted seemed happy anyway.

Is the Ted Cruz Haircut a New Staple?

Ted says he was celebrating Shelley’s release from jail for violating salon closure protocols during the pandemic. And when reporters asked him what he thought about the haircut she gave him, he said “I think it’s terrific.”

Which is great, because now we know we can 100% trust Ted’s opinions on hair. We’re not sure if Ted was getting in touch with his inner hipster or redneck.

But either way, we don’t expect he’ll be rocking a mullet again anytime soon. For now, we’ll just have to live with the one photo that documented the wack style and maybe pray that another senator follows suit soon.

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