Looking for a variety of little girl haircuts that will suit your daughter while she’s at school, play, or out and about? Then read on. You’ll find 30 examples from adorable to edgy in our complete guide.

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Looking for Little Girl Haircuts?

Little girl haircut featured image showing a girl in rollers and holding a brush and blowdryer
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Finding the perfect haircut for your mini-me is harder than it seems. You know the saying, “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of?”

As a parent, you know that some days are pretty heavy on the spice. And it always seems like those days start with a battle over washing, brushing, or styling your little one’s hair.

The good news? There are various haircuts for little girls that can lessen the strain by making the hair easier to manage, less prone to tangling, and a breeze to style. The best part?

They’re super cute. If you’re ready to find the sanity-saving haircut that both you and your daughter will love, we’ve got lots of examples to show you!

Scroll down to see 30 examples of haircuts that are perfectly suited for young girls. We found cuts that fit all types of personalities and moods – from sugar to spice and everything in between. 

Top 30 Little Girl Haircuts

From long to short, you’re sure to find a haircut that will be perfect for your daughter on our list. You’ll see long, layered cuts, choppy lobs, sleek bobs, sassy pixie cuts, and more. Which one looks like it’s meant for your girl? 

Featured Little Girl Haircut: Face Framing Layers

Little girl haircuts featuring a young gal smiling at the camera in front of a pink background
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This length is perfect for any style – wear it down, up, or braided. Show off her smiling face with cheek-grazing layers around the face. 

Shoulder Length With Fringe

As a featured little girl haircut, a youngster stands in front of a blue background and grins at the camera

Keep the hair out of her eyes while she plays with bangs that hit just at the eyebrows. Blunt bangs should be thinned a bit at the ends to keep them from being too heavy.

Side Parted Bob

Girl in a black and yellow striped turtleneck standing against wood fence
Dina Uretski/Shutterstock

Chin-length bobs are such a great cut choice for little girl haircuts. They’re easy to brush and style, show off her natural hair texture, and look adorable. 

Long Blunt Cut

For a piece on little girl haircuts, a youngster stands in front of shiplap in a white shirt
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If your little one’s hair isn’t too thick, a blunt cut without layering gives the hair a neat and tidy look. A middle part shows off the natural, lighter “babylights” around the face when she spends time in the sun. 

Curl-Defining Trim

Girl in a bow smiles at a camera in blue shirt

This cut falls just below the collarbone for easy manageability. If you’ve got a little curly-cue on your hands, have your stylist trim the ends at an angle to keep each curl’s structure and shape. 

Lob With Full Bangs

Little girl haircut lob with bangs
Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock

This shoulder-grazing lob might make her look a little more grown-up! But adding a full, blunt-cut fringe will keep the hair out of her eyes and make this cut little-girl-friendly. 

Featured Little Girl Haircut: Tapered Coily Cut

Young girl haircut against yellow background

Mamas of little girls with coily hair know styling it can be a challenge. A tapered cut takes out some of the hair’s weight and keeps the outer layers a little shorter for easier management. 

Long With Layered Ends

Little girl hairstyle featuring long hair with layered ends

If you’re not ready to part with your daughter’s long mane, just have your stylist cut some choppy layers into the ends. This will give her hair more movement and create additional pieces to wave and curl at the bottom for a dressed-up look. 

Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

Shoulder length blunt hairstyle for little girl

If she’s not up for daily styling, a shoulder-length blunt cut is the perfect solution. No layering means fewer flyaways, and the length is still long enough to pull it up when needed.

Baby Pixie Cut

Little girl wears a bow and holds her hand to the camera
Sergii Sobolevskyi/Shutterstock

If your little one is just beginning to grow her hair, keep it close-cropped in a sweet pixie cut to give it some shape as it grows. The top and front are kept slightly longer in this cut for more styling options. 

Curly Stacked Layers

Closeup of a girl wearing long curly hair

Natural curls are so cute! Make the most of the curl at the ends of your daughter’s tresses with stacked layers that gradually get longer. This removes the weight from the ends of the hair and results in bouncier curls. 

Wavy Lob

As an image for a piece on little girl haircuts, a girl with a wavy lob haircut reads a book
Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock

Keep things casual and easy to style with a long bob that hits just at the shoulders. Wavy hair gives this blunt cut some additional interest and shape. 

Blunt Cut Bob

For a piece on little girl hairstyles, a girl in a polka dot dress looks to her left and smiles at camera
My Golden Life/Shutterstock

Even not-so-littles will love this sleek haircut. A chin-length blunt bob is a savior for ultra-straight locks that need a little shape. 

Featured Little Girl Haircut: Coily Crop

Little girl with a bow looking to the left of camera for a piece on little girl haircuts
Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

Coily, textured hair looks beautiful cut into a tapered crop. This cut removes some weight from the bottom and has lots of body on the top and sides. 

Shoulder Length Shag With Bangs

Girl holds a container of bubbles and looks down

Hair with any type of natural texture, from loose waves to tight ringlets, looks great in a shaggy cut with lots of choppy layers. Add a wispy fringe that progressively gets longer at the sides to create this look. 

Heavy Side Bangs

Girl crossing her arms and looking at camera in glasses for a piece on little girl haircuts
Anurak Pongpatimet/Shutterstock

There are so many different looks you can create with bangs. If she likes to keep her hair out of her face, a heavy side bang that grazes the eyebrows will be perfect. Keep the hair long with minimal layering to pull off a polished topknot with it. 

Chin Length Bob

Girl with a hair clip and a short little girl haircut smiles while sitting on a picnic blanket

Bobs work well with any hair texture, and one that hits at the chin means less detangling and tearful mornings. Part it to the side and secure it with a cute clip for an easy, everyday style. 

Long With Side Swept Bangs

Girl in a white dress looks at the camera for a piece on little girl haircuts
Oleg Babkin/Shutterstock

This cut works best for baby-fine hair. A small, nose-length section of the front is cut at an angle into swooping bangs that flatter the face. 

Stacked Chin Length Bob

Haircut on a little girl putting her head against a window will

This is a great cut if you want to add some volume and body to thinner or finer hair. The stacked layering at the back adds both. Blunt bangs pair perfectly with any bob. 

Featured Little Girl Haircut: Tomboy Pixie

Girl holding a mobile phone and wearing big earrings
Albina Sazheniuk/Shutterstock

If you’ve got a little tomboy on your hands, keep her happy with an easily managed haircut like this messy pixie. It features longer hair on the top that fades down into shorter sides and back. 

Full Fringe With Choppy Layers

Little girl haircut featuring straight across bangs and long sides
Anne Richard/Shutterstock

Eyebrow-grazing bangs really complement this layered, shoulder-length cut! Keep the layers from about the chin level down to help natural waves and curls to look their best. 

Curly Tapered Cut

Curly tapered cut on a girl looking at the camera

Wrangle those ringlets with a tapered cut that gets shorter and tucks in at the base of the head. Plenty of soft layers are added to highlight the shape of the curls all over the head. 

Long Shag With Baby Bangs

Little girl haircut featuring curls on the sides and bangs in front

Trendy, modern baby bangs are cut super short for an edgy look. The long shag is cut with lots of layering throughout and an emphasis on symmetrical face-framing layers. 

Classic Bob With Blunt Bangs

Classic bob with blunt bangs little girl haircut

There’s a reason this has been one of the top little girl haircuts for decades! A classic bob hits an inch or two below the chin, and shorter blunt bangs across the forehead keep hair out of the eyes. 

Long Graduated Layers

Long graduated layers little girl haircut

Graduated layers taper down starting at the chin to give straight hair a little more oomph. We love the soft crimping in this little girl’s hair, too. 

Chic Shag With Bangs

Little girl haircut featuring a young woman in a tutu and smirking to the side
Guryanov Andrey/Shutterstock

Blunt bangs across the forehead are a perfect match for this shaggy, heavily layered cut. It’s great for showing off natural waves or curls! 

Featured Little Girl Haircut: Coily Lob

Coily lob little girl hairstyle

Show off those curls with a shoulder-length lob that is layered throughout to keep the curls bouncy and lively. Part to the side to create this adorable look. 

Blunt Chin Length Bob

Blunt chin length bob hairstyle
Suzi Nelson/Shutterstock

This is a carefree cut that is easier to style with no layering or bangs. It’ll also help keep your little girl cool on hot days. 

Long Mermaid Waves

Long mermaid waves little girl haircut
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If she’s been growing her hair out, just get a trim to remove any split ends. Have the stylist work in some long layers that concentrate around the face to accentuate waves. 

Bouncy Ear Length Bob

Bouncy ear length bob little girl haircut
Levichev Dmitry/Shutterstock

The look reminds us of Shirley Temple, but this cute cut can be styled in so many ways. Here, hot rollers give the hair tons of body and volume. 

Things to Consider

Once you’ve made the decision to get your daughter’s hair cut (or if she’s begging for a new style), you’ve got a few things to think about. Consider these things before you bring her to the salon for her new cut. 

Does she like it? As a mom, it’s easy to get into decision mode without considering whether or not our kids will like the choice we’ve made. For eating their veggies or cleaning their room, that’s fine. But when it comes to haircuts, we have to make sure and consider our daughter’s wants, too. A haircut she isn’t into will only cause more stress in the mornings! 

Is it practical? There are tons of haircuts that look amazing, but aren’t as practical as you’d think. Trends like undercuts, vibrant colors, and baby bangs might be cute, but you need to consider how manageable they are in the long run and how it’ll go over at school. 

How long will it take to style? Depending on your daughter’s age, you might be doing most of the styling once she gets her new cut. You don’t want to be running late every morning! So make sure you have an idea of how long it will take to style her hair each morning before you take her to get it cut. 

Does it require a lot of maintenance? You might not care to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for trims or color touch-ups, but if you start doubling those appointments to keep your little girl’s hair maintained, too, those visits will add up fast. Make sure you choose a cut that won’t require excessive maintenance to look its best. 

Will the length be suitable for her? Think about your daughter’s usual activities and playtime. Will the length you’re considering be suitable for these? You might love the idea of a chin-length bob with side bangs, but that kind of cut can be hard to keep out of the face while playing sports or on the playground. 

What if she hates it? We always hope our kids will be happy with their new ‘do, but bad haircuts happen. Think about how you’ll respond and what you’ll do if your daughter ends up hating the cut. There are ways to shake up a haircut with bangs, layers, highlights, or a little more length taken off if the new cut is a no-go. 

Choosing the Perfect Haircut for Your Little Girl

You’ve looked at many examples of little girl haircuts to get some inspiration and reviewed a few important things to consider. Now, you’re ready to choose the haircut that will be a perfect fit for your daughter. 

As you narrow your options down to make the final decision, keep your daughter involved in the process as much as you can. Try to find other photos with a similar haircut styled in different ways.

This will give you both an idea of how much versatility the haircut has. You know your little girl’s hair better than anyone, so use that knowledge to help you decide on a cut.

If it tends to become a tangled mess overnight and she doesn’t like to brush it, you might steer her toward a cute bob to help solve the problem. If she can’t stand having hair in her face, stay away from cuts with heavy or long bangs. 

As her mother, you’ll set the tone for this haircut experience and how she’ll feel about it afterward. Stay positive, be flexible, and think of this experience as a special time to continue building that mother-daughter bond.

Years from now, she may not remember this haircut, but she’ll always remember how Mom always helped her feel confident and look her best. Ready to get started? Head over to our database to find a hair salon near you today.

Author: Debra Carpenter

Debra is a Nashville-based content creator and strategist. As the daughter of a long-time hair stylist and salon owner, she’s spent most of her life as a guinea pig for new color and cut techniques. Writing for respected publications like Forbes and HuffPost, she’s committed to bringing her passion for great hair to the masses.