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How to Get 180 Waves | Step-by-Step Guide

Getting the perfect hairstyle boosts your confidence. You can easily approach your partners and friends with a smiling face with no fear of being criticized. However, the beauty of hairstyle may depend on individual liking.

One hairstyle that many wearers like is the 180 waves. The style focuses on making the wearer’s hair look more natural. The strands will face all directions, so it is essential to know how to get 180 waves done properly.

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Getting 180 Waves: A Summary

This guide analyzes the tools you need to get 180 waves and step by step procedure on how to get perfect 180 waves for your hairstyle. We will cover:

  • Tools you need
  • Our step-by-step guide
  • How to maintain your tools
  • Frequently asked questions

Tools You Need to Have to Get 180 Waves

180 waves is an easy hairstyle that you can do while at home. You just have to get the right tools to achieve the best results. Here are the four primary tools you must have on hand to get 180 waves.


The kind of brush that you use is very crucial in determining the quality of the 180 waves. You can get a stiff brush whether you have soft or tough hair.

This brush pulls the hair in the right direction enabling it to make waves easily. The brush can help improve the depth of the waves, which is altered by the change in force used when combing.

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The durag is a silky clothing commonly used to cover the head. This item is crucial in conserving the moisture of the hair. The durag can be ordered in any color according to the owner’s preference. 

Conditioner and Shampoo

Making a perfect hairstyle will ultimately require hair products. The conditioner and shampoo will be crucial in entangling the hair. The quantity of this product will vary according to the toughness of your hair.

Waving Grease

Waving grease serves as the ultimate product that enhances the formation of waves. It’s important to buy a weaving grease that is naturally produced, which can help reduce the risk of skin infections from chemicals found in hair products. The quantity used will also vary according to individual interests. 

How to Get 180 Waves in 5 Steps

Producing a perfect shape for these waves can help you achieve a unique outstanding look, which can only be accomplished by following the right procedure. Here are the five steps you should follow to achieve the 180 waves hairstyle:

1. Get a Haircut

There are over 134,000 professional barbers in the USA, which gives you a wide variety to choose from. Choosing the perfect barber can be crucial in determining the hairstyle produced. 

The haircut you get will determine the efficiency of getting perfect 180 waves. You don’t want to have hair that is too long or too short, which can affect the expected results. 

To facilitate perfect 180 waves, you can cut your hair to a level of not less than 1.5 and not more than level 2, which is an easy mark that can help you achieve visible and lasting waves. 

2. Wash Hair With Hair Conditioner and Hair Shampoo 

The two elements can help moisturize the skin and strengthen the hair roots. By Strengthening the hair, you can mitigate scenarios of losing hair from excessive styling. The products can also treat skin diseases that can affect the look of the waves. 

If your hair is entangled, using more hair conditioners might be necessary, which can help soften the hair, allowing it to be free. In addition, doing this facilitates the ease of putting on the 180 waves. 

3. Add Waving Grease to the Hair

Doing this comes in handy for individuals with tough hair. Even after conditioning, you can find your hair still rough and entangled. Luckily, you can fix this by using the waving grease. It easily softens the hair and keeps it set and firm for wavy styling. 

4. Comb the Hair

Combing should be a daily activity for individuals aiming to get perfect hair waves. It can help disentangle and free your hair, which is crucial in getting the waves done properly. 

You can comb your hair for around 25 to 35 minutes. Ensure it is completely disentangled. However, if you have tough hair, you can add more conditioner or grease to facilitate easy freeing of the entangled hair. 

5. Cover Your Hair

You will do this process using a durag or hair wrap because it keeps the moisture in the hair intact. After covering the hair, it can’t get entangled. You can tie the hair covering tight to help the waves appear faster. 

How to Maintain Tools Used

You don’t want to increase your budget by getting new tools every time you plan on getting 180 waves. Instead, you can achieve this through proper maintenance of the tools. Here are four primary procedures to follow for proper maintenance of the tools used:

Remove Hair From Brush After Combing

If you let the brushes get puffed with hair, they can eventually get dirty and lack the tension needed for proper combing. In addition, not removing the hair limits the efficiency of the comb in getting the needed waves.

The process should be done regularly after combing to reduce puffing excess hair. If not done regularly, you may have to get a new brush as it becomes hard to clean the brush while hair is in excess. However, that increases your budget for getting 180 waves. 

Use the Conditioner and Shampoo in the Right Amounts

Excessive use of conditioner and shampoo is wasteful. You should monitor how much of these products you use during the 180 waves process. They should only be used in excess when your hair is tough. 

It is crucial to check out naturally manufactured shampoo and conditioners as they are more efficient. Natural products will require you to apply a limited amount to fulfill your desire. 

Wash and Dry Your Brushes

Doing this enhances the cleanliness levels. By washing and drying the brushes, you can have a chance of reusing them later as if they are new. In addition, drying the brushes is important in mitigating the formation of molds and the development of bacteria or fungi that thrive in damp areas. 

Wash Your Hair Cover

During the process, your wrap will develop spot-like dirt from the waving grease, which occurs every time you cover your hair. Cleaning the wrap or durag can mitigate skin infection caused by damp bacteria or fungus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the process of successfully achieving 180 waves.

Does the texture of hair affect the quality of 180 waves?

Yes, the hair texture can affect the quality of the 180 waves. For example, an individual with soft textured hair tends to get better waves than others.

This is because soft hair doesn’t get easily entangled and gets pressed easily after covering. Soft hair also maintains more moisture, which leads to faster and better forming 180 waves.

What kinds of brush should I use to get perfect results from 180 waves? 

Hard brushes are preferred to soft brushes for preparing hair to get 180 waves. The hard brushes can easily brush through tough hairs making it easy to get the waves. 

The soft brushes aren’t ideal for hairs longer than level 1.5, making them not an ideal choice for preparing your hair when getting 180 waves. 

Must I get a haircut before getting 180 waves?

Yes, having short-sized hair is a primary factor in facilitating good-looking waves. It is important to cut your hair to a level of 1.5 to 2, which facilitates easy brushing and conditioning. 

Short hair can easily be maintained and will have a reduced level of entanglement, facilitating the use of lesser products and reducing the budget to get the 180 waves. 

How long does it take to make 180 waves?

Unfortunately, there is no defined time to make the 180 waves because the time depends on the different textures of hairs. The time is also affected by how long you take to cover your hair with the wrap. However, preparation methods take about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is 180 wave a comfortable hairstyle for the office?

Absolutely yes. The 180 wave hairstyle is a compatible style for getting to the office. The style can give you a classy, bossy, and handsome look, which acts as the kind of look you need to bring to the office to please your bosses.

So, How Do You Get 180 Waves?

A perfect hairstyle defines an individual’s confidence, bringing in the need for a hairstyle that compliments your capability and sells you out to the crowd. Getting the 180 waves can be a perfect solution. 

Using the right products and procedures, you can easily get a perfect hairstyle to suit your everyday style. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other guides on natural hair!