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The 7 Best Durags to Buy in 2023 | & Buying Guide

The 7 Best Durags to Buy in 2023 | & Buying Guide

Many people wear durags for different reasons. If you enjoy 360 waves, it’s a must to pick the best durags because of their great compression.

What Are the Best Durags?

Durags can’t go out of style because they create waves that enhance your appearance. Moreover, the durag is a unique hair accessory and protective headgear to reduce frizz and stop wind and friction while locking moisture.

Consequently, the best durag is the ForceWave Satin Long Tail. The brand started in 2018 with the sole aim of crafting the highest quality durags that showcase each customer’s individuality and persona. But there are 6 other options to know about.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Best Durags:
  1. Best Overall: ForceWave Long Tail Durag
  2. Best for Coarse Hair: Veeta Durag
  3. Best for 360 Waves: Red BY KISS Durag
  4. Best for Oily Scalp: ROYBENS Wave Cap
  5. Best for Events: Slippery Customs Durag
  6. Best for Compression: Rimix By Rico Durag
  7. Most Affordable: Ashilisia Crushed Velvet Durag

Why You Need a Durag

Black man brushing his hair with a boar bristle brush after using one of the best durags

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The durag is undoubtedly a fashionista item that has worldwide popularity amongst celebrities and young people. However, it’s even more useful as a physical conditioner that ensures your hair stays compressed in a certain pattern for a wavy look.

Hair naturally grows outwards, and the durag ensures it stays down. During bedtime, your bed can dry out your hair, causing frizz. The durag contains moisture and improves hair texture, especially when you use it with a styling cream.

You’ll be happier with the smoother texture and overall healthier hair. Durags also protect the hair from sun damage, especially during summer when you’re outdoors.

That said, tons of designs and styles make it challenging to find the best for your needs. No matter because you’re about to see what makes the durags on this list great.

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Best Durags: Top 7 Picks

Without further ado, let’s look at the best durags for men.

1. Best Overall: ForceWave Long Tail Durag

Best Overall
ForceWave Long Tail Durag
  • Silky material comes in various colors
  • Retains moisture
  • UV protection
  • Doesn’t line the forehead
  • The tail is a few inches shorter than the competition
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ForceWave broke into the durag industry in 2018, rapidly climbing to the top of the food chain as the best durag overall. The silky material is shipped in ten unique colors that fit men, women, and children.

This makes it perfect for any outfit you want. The hair accessory is long enough to tie comfortably, with a reversible headband that covers the scalp completely.

It has a fantastic compression pressure for 360, 540, and 720 waves and features a moisture-tech fabric that retains moisture and pomade while staying breathable.

Interestingly, this durag makes hair doubly moist with hair grease, unlike other brands that absorb the hair cream and dry out the scalp.

ForceWaves stands out of the pack because the brand believes in its product, going further to offer full refunds to unsatisfied customers or a brand-new replacement.

The only thing to nitpick is the straps that are a few inches too short. Still, it’s a unique hair accessory worth recommending to friends and loved ones.

2. Best for Coarse Hair: Veeta Durag

Best for Coarse Hair
Veeta Durag
  • Exceptional crown compression
  • Double-wide extra-long straps
  • Efficiently locks moisture
  • Breathable polyester liner
  • Users report it may leave dye marks
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The Veeta Durag is a fantastic solution for individuals who want to give their waves some oomph while making a powerful fashion statement.

The highest quality materials and craftsmanship go into this product, combining to create a durag that’s stylish and comfortable. More importantly, the material keeps the scalp cool—a critical benefit for people with psoriasis.

The breathable velvet fabric is soft and stretchable enough to wrap around the head during bedtime. The length is perfect for long hair.

The only drawback is that the product leaves dye marks on pillows, especially when you wear them to sleep. Still, the material is soft and comfortable to sleep in without waking up with forehead lines or a brutal headache.

3. Best for 360 Waves: Red By KISS Durag

Best for 360 Waves
Red By KISS Power Wave
  • Light, breathable fabric
  • It comes in various colors
  • Stretchable for comfort
  • No seam lines
  • Users report it leaching coloring
  • Not suitable for hot water wash
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Red by KISS is a velvet durag that uses a breathable, lightweight material to offer premium waves. It’s the perfect summer hair accessory that doesn’t leave puddles of sweat, keeping your scalp cool.

Additionally, it has an exceptional compression strength suitable for creating flawless waves. The seams are on the outside to prevent lining when worn for an extended period. Besides, the durag comes in multiple colors, with a design that evenly distributes pressure across the scalp.

The premium silky fabric locks in moisture, allowing haircare products to sit in and be more effective for the best 360 waves.

The ties are long enough comfortable, offering a fantastic fit no matter your head shape. The only issue is that the material will likely bleed out color, especially when you wash it with hot water.

4. Best for Oily Scalps: ROYBENS Wave Cap

Best for Oily Scalps
ROYBENS Wave Cap Satin Durag
  • Breathable silk fabric
  • Cool and reflective against sunlight
  • Catchy aesthetics
  • May not perform well on dry scalps
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The ROYBENS Wave Cap is one of the best durags for men. The long-tailed durag has a mesh stocking wave cap that enhances compression even during bedtime.

More importantly, the fabric is breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly when wet. The material is slightly stretchable, allowing you to hold 360 to 720 waves without issues.

Besides, the durag uses silk, which enhances aesthetics, and the sheen reflects light keeping the hair cool and moist. The brand does a fantastic job for the stitching and overall design — with a suitable strap that’s the ideal length, whatever your head size.

The only negative is that this durag is only tailored to specific users. The silky material is not strong enough to compress stubborn hair — hence its benefits for users with oily scalps

5. Best for Events: Slippery Customs Velvet Durag

Best for Events
Slippery Customs Velvet Durag
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Fabric is lightweight
  • Extended tails for various head types
  • Amazing aesthetics
  • Inside stitching may leave a line on the forehead
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Color and design are the two essential features that make durags a cute fashion accessory. Slippery Customs elevate their durags into critical fashion pieces, with many durag types to suit any occasion.

The velvet fabric is smooth and soft, even though it’s not as stretchy as many on this list. However, it fits the bill for hair compression and is the perfect accessory for various wave types.

The niggling issue is the inside stitching which cuts into the skin, leaving a line on the head. Still, the overall quality is exceptional, and the durag is suitable for any occasion.

6. Best for Compression: Rimix by Rico Durag

Best for Compression
Rimix by Rinco Durag
  • Silky fabric retains its luster after multiple washes
  • Doesn’t line the forehead
  • Great for compressing new waves
  • The strings are slightly short
  • Tendency to rip at the seam after tying
  • Not wallet-friendly
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The Rimix Silky durags are excellent for compressing the hair and keeping waves intact. It’s the best choice for wild sleepers and active individuals because it can withstand abuse.

More importantly, it retains its silky feel after multiple washes, unlike others that quickly lose their luster after one wash. No product is perfect, including this durag.

It’s more costly than the competition and will rip at the seams if you apply significant force when tying. The newer products seem to use a lesser-quality fabric than the previous versions.

7. Best Value: Ashilisia Crushed Velvet Durag

Best Value
Ashilisia Crushed Velvet Durag
  • Longer tail than most
  • Easy maintenance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Very affordable
  • May bleed during wash
  • Not suitable for wave compression
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Ashilisia durags are some of the best in the industry, and the Crushed Velvet is no exception. It has triple stitching that ensures it doesn’t rip, no matter the head size, and extra-long straps that can compress your hair without hurting when you tie.

The highlight of this product is its durability and easy maintenance. The fabric is premium, ensuring it lasts multiple years without tearing. Crushed velvet is stretchable and smooth, with an internal and external softness that makes it comfortable to wear.

You’ll like the 42” long tail that is longer than the competition with an average 35” length. The only drawback is the color that bleeds when you wash the fabric. Still, it’s an excellent durag in various sizes and colors.

Finding the Best Durag for You

One of the best durags you can buy in vector format on a tan background


Durags are exciting fashion pieces, and this guide’s information will help you to find the best, no matter your requirements.


The material is the first thing to look out for because different fabrics offer various benefits to the user, including polyester, silk, and velvet.

  • Velvet: This fabric has a subtle sheen and smoothness that makes them excellent for outings. However, they could have better compression compared to other materials.
  • Polyester: This textile has incredible compression, especially for new waves. But the material isn’t as eye-catching as other textiles.
  • Silk: This fabric has excellent compression properties and is also eye-catching. However, silk is more expensive than most fabrics.


The scalp needs to breathe like other body parts, or it will lose moisture and cause irritation and bumps. Go for durags that use breathable fabrics for better comfort and to prevent hair damage.


Another factor worth considering is the strap. Longer straps offer greater security and prevent the hair accessory from falling off during intense activities. Longer wraps also improve wave formation because of their ability to double-wrap.


The quality has nothing to do with the material type. The durag should be good enough to retain moisture without drying out the hair and must not absorb your hair grooming products.

You can also tell the textile quality by its smoothness and texture. The best durags will retain their sheen or luster after using them for an extended time and multiple washes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers!

What type of durags is the best?

The best durags depend on the user’s needs and requirements. Velvet durags look great for style and comfort, while polyester offers exceptional compression capabilities.

Which durag is better, silk or velvet?

Velvet durags are thicker, making them the best option for colder climates. Silk wicks moisture and is more breathable, making these durags excellent for warmer weather.

What materials should durags be?

Durags can be any material, including silk, polyester, and velvet. Still, durags can use other fabrics, including satin and mesh polyester.

Is a silk durag better?

Silk durags are faux silk or other fabrics with small amounts of silk. These durags are eye-catching with excellent compression making them popular amongst users.

Should durags be worn tight?

Durags should be firm enough to hold down the hair but not too tight to cause discomfort or injury.

The 7 Best Durags in 2023: Final Thoughts

ForceWave Long Tail remains the best durag on the market. It’s wallet-friendly, comes in various colors, and has extra-long straps for efficient compression. The fabric is soft and breathable, keeping the hair cool even in hot weather.

Best Overall
ForceWave Long Tail Durag
  • Silky material comes in various colors
  • Retains moisture
  • UV protection
  • Doesn’t line the forehead
  • The tail is a few inches shorter than the competition
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It also reinforces the belief that a durag doesn’t need to put a dent in your wallet to make you look and feel good. That said, you won’t regret going for the options on this list because of their premium quality that enhances your style anywhere.